Best free apps for finding concerts you want to see

Oct 16, 2011

I am a music fan and thus enjoy attending concerts. These apps make concert going efficient as they allow for easy searching, tracking, purchasing and getting to concerts simple.


This app identifies the artists from your music library that will be performing in your area.


Concerts Now

This app allows one to search by artist or location to find upcoming concerts over the next several months.


Concert Finder

This app allows one to search by artist or city for the latest concerts as well as track artists, view event photos, get directions and buy tickets.


onTour – Concert Finder

This app gives you concert notifications of those you may want to see. You can also search for concerts, buy tickets and get directions.


Myspace Local Concerts

This app offers all the bells and whistles to help you find concerts by the hottest artists. You can even listen to songs.


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