Cut the Rope 2

There’s plenty of new challenges available in Cut the Rope 2, even as the game riffs on its predecessor’s rope-cutting puzzles. As always, the beginning of solving puzzles in Cut the Rope 2 is to swipe the screen to slice the eponymous lines, being sure to do so with the right timing and in the right order to maneuver a candy into the waiting mouth of a little monster. But Cut the Rope 2 adds new characters and new mechanics to its puzzles, challenging players to figure out how to complete them.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 provides quite a high-fidelity racing experience. First, the graphics are gorgeous. Second, it’s filled with 70 real-world cars for you to gather and compare as you take down races on 12 tracks from all over the world. You can also race against other players to climb the game’s online leaderboards.

Into the Dead

Endless runners and zombie games — two things there are more than enough of in the Google Play Store. Into the Dead combines the two in a surprisingly captivating way, though, by tasking players with running through a horde of zombies from a first-person viewpoint. You’ll need to dodge the undead as you tear through them, and you’ll also find things like weapons that give you an edge, provided you’re quick enough to use them.


A super-minimalist strategy game, players who take on Rymdkapsel have to defend themselves from attacking enemy ships. To do that, you’ll have to construct a base from basic Tetris-like shapes. Each room has a different function, like growing food or housing your people, and you’ll need to expand carefully so that your crew can always defend against attackers as you work to see just how big your structure can get.

Hero Academy

The way to become a hero in multiplayer strategy game Hero Academy is to beat other players. To do that, you’ll build a team of fighters to take on the battlefield, where you and your opponents will take turns making moves and attacking one another. Carefully customizing your team and bringing your best strategies are the key to victory.

Jetpack Joyride

You’ll use a jetpack to avoid deadly obstacles in side-scrolling endless runner Jetpack Joyride, but it’s not the only vehicle at your disposal. You’ll also find lots of other powerful means of conveyance, like a motorcycle, a suit that defies gravity, and even a mechanical dragon. The goal is to stay alive as long as you can, but there are plenty of other objectives in Jetpack Joyride to keep you busy as well.

Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem

Playing poker against other players can be a great challenge as you try to bluff your opponents and see through theirs — but it can be expensive to hit the poker room for a fix. Instead, you can play online for free in Zynga Poker, challenging players from all over the world to Texas Holdem games so you can build your stack.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Part space combat simulator, part role-playing title, Galaxy on Fire 2 dispatches you into the deepest reaches of space as a pilot of your own spacecraft. As you work through the game’s story, you’ll have to dogfight with other ships, trade for the supplies you’ll need and interact with other characters along the way. Galaxy on Fire 2 has a huge galaxy for players to explore and great graphics and voice acting to go with it.


Side-scroller Badland is a bit strange as far as action-adventure games go. You’re challenged with working your way through various levels, avoiding deadly traps along the way, and the only way to advance is to grab power-ups that change your strange winged creature into something else — like a giant or a tiny version of itself. You’ll also need clones that will help guarantee that you’ll get through each level’s hazards — or at least that some of you will.

Cordy 2

The “Cordy” of “Cordy 2” is a small robot on a big adventure. You’ll control Cordy as he adventures across various planets in this 2-D platformer, weaving through paths that take you deep into the backdrop of its levels to grab all the bolts you can find, as you work to defeat the evil Boogaloo.