Amazon Kindle

Tablets are great for reading without having to actually lug around a bunch of books. With Kindle, you can turn your Android tablet into an e-reader that downloads ebooks from the online retailer and read them on your tablet, with features like adjustable text sizes and a nighttime reading mode. Even better, you can store lots of books on your device, or keep your ebook library in the cloud to download whenever you want.


Pocket’s another app for reading on your tablet, but it’s more about helping you have time to read everything that’s interesting to you. Using a widget for your desktop computer browser, you can use Pocket to save articles you see on the Internet that you want to read but just don’t have time for. Then, sync the app using your Internet connection, and you can read those articles on your tablet at your leisure.

Google Drive

Combining a cloud storage drive and a suite of office software, Google Drive is great for using your tablet to do actual work. You can create documents like spreadsheets, presentations and word processing docs, work on them and share them with others, and save them to the cloud, all from within the app.


Just about any browser or RSS feed app can let you read articles, but Flipboard does it with style. It pipes in articles from websites and your social network feeds and places them in a beautiful magazine-style layout, making it easy to page through everything that’s available to you and read what you find interesting, in the most visually pleasing way possible.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe brings some of the photo-editing power its software is known for to your tablet with Adobe Photoshop Touch. You can edit your images using Photoshop features like multiple layers and its selection tools, and it’s also possible to add effects, adjust tones, and use paint capabilities to create something new.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Using Microsoft Remote Desktop makes it possible to use your computer from your tablet. After downloading a program for your computer, you can mirror your desktop on your Android device, which gives you control of your computer and it’s resources remotely over your Internet connection.


Sony’s free video streaming app Crackle brings lots of movies and TV shows to your Android tablet. The app is filled with various videos you can watch anytime, anywhere, as long as you’ve got an Internet connection. The best part is, Crackle won’t cost you anything.

TweetCaster for Twitter

If you’re looking for a solid way to delve into social network Twitter, look no further than TweetCaster. The Twitter client gives you access to the network with lots of additional useful features. You can quickly update your status and see your timeline, as well as check trending tweets, update from multiple Twitter accounts and even apply filters to photos before you update them.


Social network Facebook is most used on mobile devices, and you’re going to want to get full use out of your tablet with the help of the official Facebook app. You get all the functionality you expect out of the Facebook website, like acces to your news feed and the ability to like posts and add comments, and you can also use features like Facebook’s messenger to contact your friends from within the app.


Video messaging app Skype is great for Android tablets with forward-facing cameras. You can use Skype to call other mobile Skype users and computers for free. The app supports lots of communication modes, including video and voice calls, group calls with multiple users and instant text messaging.