Angry Birds

The iPhone game phenomenon of 2010 is available on Android too. Evil pigs have stolen the eggs of normally peaceable birds, turning them into fierce flying fighters for justice. Test your skill by sling-shooting these now angry birds at the pigs that are hiding in ever-increasingly secure forts made of bricks and wood. To move up levels, you must destroy the forts, and the pigs, with the limited number of suicidal birds you have on hand. You’ll find the game’s details – like the birds’ determined grunts and trilling whistles – as addictive as the game itself.


You’re a cow. Aliens have abducted your herd away to a space ship, ready to skedaddle to another galaxy. Fortunately, the alien’s tractor beam has also lifted plots of earth up in the air, leaving you convenient jumping platforms upon which to leap upward and save your animal friends. Tilt your phone left and right as you bounce to the next platform. Avoid bombs, moving platforms, and other obstacles as you go where no cow has gone before. You can choose levels of difficulty or a kid-friendly no-dying option. Cowtastic fun!

Unblock Me

Like puzzles? Unblock Me delivers a simple yet incredibly challenging game of wooden blocks. You must free a dark colored block from a wooden box frame through the single exit. Many other lighter colored pieces obstruct your path out. You can move each block only along one axis – vertically or horizontally. Play in relax mode for stress-free fun, or ratchet up to Challenge Mode where you try to solve the puzzle in the least moves. Fortunately, you can rewind moves if you get stuck. Settings let you silence the realistic wooden thunk sounds, when playing in public.

Bubble Blast 2

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this game is more fun than whatever you’re currently playing! Pop bubbles to start a chain reaction of bubble bursts and clear the board. Different color bubbles increase difficultly by first changing colors before they burst. In puzzle mode, you have a limited number of touches to clear the screen, and the game provides over 100 puzzles to challenge you. Get up to level 20 and you unlock arcade mode where you can play to score points but no longer face a tap limit. Puzzle mode offers a whopping 10,000 levels!

Words With Friends Free

Words With Friends Free is a hugely popular and addictive Scrabble clone that lets you play up to 20 different opponents simultaneously with its straightforward crossword turn-by-turn gameplay. Challenge your friends or get instantly matched with a random opponent. While you’re playing, you can use in-game messaging to chat, and handy notifications will let you know when it’s your turn to play. You’ve probably seen people on the bus or train playing this puzzle game, so why not join in with the fun?

Paper Toss

With millions of downloads from the Android Market already, Paper Toss is a simple and proven time waster and the perfect antitdote to office boredom. Wile away the hours throwing crumpled up balls of paper into a trash bin from varying distances, but watch out for the fan that will disrupt your aim. Paper Toss features straightforward flick/touch controls, six skill levels and higher-res graphics on newer Android devices.

Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja is simple, but strangely addictive. Fruit flies through the air and you control a samurai sword with your finger and slash, slash, slash until you’ve sliced enough fruit to cater a massive luau. With three different game types to enjoy plus plenty of extras to unlock and achievements to capture, Fruit Ninja Free offers a slicing good time. This is the free-to-try version of the game which is supported by ads. $0.99 buys you the full game, and you’ll probably want to upgrade once you get hooked on this one!

Bug Village

When it comes to casual gaming fun, Bug Village offers a lot of fun for the grand old price of free. The aim of the game is to build a colony of active ants and busy bees. You’ll need to nurture them, keep them happy and energized, and they will reward you by gathering resources so you can build an even more elaborate village. Earn rewards and decorate your colony, with everything displayed in vibrant, 3D graphics. Careful though, in-app purchases could see you spending some real cash to buy more and more accessories for your cute new buggy friends!


Basketball in space you say? I’ll take some of that! This addictive arcade title is kind of like a game of HORSE. You’ll need to position the ball’s trajectory by dragging your finger on the screen, then fling the ball at the basket to score points. There’s plenty of bonus power-ups to obtain if you shoot well, and new balls to unlock. The online multiplayer component is where things really shine though. You’ll battle for two minutes against hundreds of other players, all trying for the best score. Working your way up the leaderboards can be hugely addictive.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing is a very popular massively multiplayer racing game which has seen millions of downloads in the Android Market and boasts a hugely active community of racers. There’s over 50 cars to race but you’ll also need to tune them, customize them and add performance upgrades before you can really rise in the world racing rankings. With so many competitors online and plenty to learn, gear heads should really get a kick out of this one.


One of the most famous and popular puzzle titles of all time, TETRIS is a game about fitting puzzle pieces together. Players have to quickly move blocks that fall from the top of the screen into place along the bottom, fitting them together in order to create full horizontal lines across the screen to clear them and score points. Multiple game modes and online leaderboards add lots of competition to go with TETRIS’ classic gameplay.

Cordy 2

Side-scrolling platformer Cordy 2 comes with some great 3D graphics and plenty of clever, well-made levels. Players bounce through multiple levels as the titular robot Cordy. You’ll also find other robots that change how you’ll play the game and work through different obstacles. You can also customize Cordy to get your own unique look.

Words With Friends Free

If you’ve played SCRABBLE before, you’ll understand how to play Words With Friends. It’s another game in which players make words using tiles that display letters and point values. The cool thing about Words With Friends, however, is that players take turns making their words, which allows you to play at your own pace in every game, and to play as many games at the same time as you want.


Action-adventure game Badland is a side-scroller in which you control a small, flying animal, keeping it in the air by tapping the screen. In order to complete each level, you’ll need to dodge deadly obstacles and use power-ups to clone your creature and change its properties — making it sticky, huge, tiny and more. The more clones you have at the end of each level, the better your score.

Hero Academy

A multiplayer strategy game, Hero Academy has players choosing teams of fighters to use in turn-based battles with other players. Each of the teams you get access to comes with a number of characters that each have different abilities and uses, so you’ll need to be smart about how you utilize them to win battles.

Jetpack Joyride

Endless runners are great for killing a few minutes, and Jetpack Joyride is great both for casual games and for deep play. As you run endlessly through the game, avoiding obstacles and grabbing coins, you’ll have to use your jetpack to stop from running into things that can kill you. There also are various vehicles you can grab as power-ups to get even further, and plenty of challenges to complete along the way that will change up your goals.

PewPew 2

PewPew 2 has players blasting away at geometric shapes in a slew of neon-colored insanity. You’ll control a small ship in this two-stick shooter, and the only way to survive is to fire away at attacking shapes as they barrel toward you. PewPew 2 includes nine different game modes, eight different ships, and a single-player campaign with three different difficulty levels.

Where’s My Water? 2

Water needs to get into alligator Swampy’s shower, and it’s your job to get it there in Where’s My Water? 2. In order to guide water through each level, you’ll use your finger to dig paths through dirt. There also are other characters you can unlock that will change the way the game plays, and more than 100 levels to solve.

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