Best Fractal Live Wallpapers

Jan 6, 2012

Who doesn’t love a good Mandelbrot? Here are my favorite live wallpapers with fractals in them!

Live Wallpaper Water Fractal

This LWP contains 6 water ripple fractal live wallpapers, all in clean colors on a black background. Very “tech”. Cool!


Fractal Glow Live Wallpaper

Fractal patterns that emanate from the center of the screen, nice colors on black.


Fractal Live Wallpaper

This is a live wallpaper of a Madelbrot fractal! Continuous zoom – very awesome and great for fractal geeks.


IFS Live Wallpaper

This comes from the Windows IFS screensaver – it’s a LWP that produces spinning fractals and geometry on a black background.


Fractal Live Wallpaper 3

Crazy cool spinning fractals with every color in the universe!


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