Best Christmas Clocks for Android!

Dec 23, 2011

These are my favorite Christmas clocks, I hope you like them too!

Christmas House Clock widget

This gives you 11 beautifully designed Christmas clock widgets that are houses – like cuckoo clocks, with various Xmas themed designs and animations.


Xmas Toy Clock

This is a nice selection of clocks with the face being Xmas decorations – red or green glittering balls with holly and other Christmas fixins. Pretty!


Christmas Snow Clock

These clocks are in the shape of snowflakes! Choose which shape you like from 9 different designs.


PINK Christmas Clock Widget

This combines two of my favorite things: Pink and Christmas. IT’s nice to get away from the red and green and this clock is pink and snowflakey and very pretty.


Christmas Clock deluxe

A very abstract selection of clocks with beautifully designed Xmas-ornament faces.


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