Best Beer Brewing Android Apps

Aug 10, 2011

My husband brews his own beer and uses these apps to help with the process!

Home Brew Calculators

This free app has a bunch of calculators for use in home brewed beer making! It has calculators for attenuation, bottle packaging, boil timer, carbonation, hop bitterness, SRM color, strike temp, yeast pitching and more! Annoying that when you leave a screen you lose your info, and also that it doesn’t assume a blank as a zero.


Brew Timer

This free app has some great features to help you get a handle on brew day if you are home brewing beer. You can create, save, load, and delete multiple recipe profiles. Highly tailorable. Very Useful!


Brewer’s Assistant

With this free app you will never be without your homebrewed beer recipes! You can see recipes and ingredients, and also import/export and add new ones. Many filtering options available. Also contains calculators, and allows you to easily make a shopping list from any of the recipes (or individual ingredients within them). Only metric – no imperial.


The Brewing Network

This app streams live shows on the brewing network and also archived shows when not in session. Would be great if you could pick the archived shows to stream.


Brewing Assistant Free

This free beer brewing assistant lets you build your own recipes and calculates your IBUs, SRM, OG, FG, and ABV while building them!


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