Best Astrology Apps for a Taurus

Jul 22, 2011

Ah Taurus, the stubborn bull. The 2nd sign in the zodiac – earthy, stable, and grounded. I’m a Cancer so I am pretty compatible with them as friends. Here are some apps I use to figure out what makes them tick.

Taurus Facts

If you are a Taurus – here’s a list of 300 personality traits you might have. Strengths, weaknesses, health, love, finance – it’s all here. You can favorite facts and also share them via email, FB, or SMS.


Daily Horoscope – Taurus

This app gives you a daily horoscope for a Taurus. The downside to it is that you can’t see yesterday’s horoscope. Very accurate!


Horoscope – Taurus

This is a daily horoscope for Taurus. It shows the next day’s horoscope from 1:00pm the current day. It is clear the makers of this app were not native English speakers, but still pretty accurate!


Taurus Theme

This app is ~US$1.61 and is a Taurus theme that works with Panda Home, aHome, and Open Home. Nice variety of visuals!


Taurus Zodiac Live Wallpaper

For US$0.99 you can get this gold, glittery Taurus symbol (the bull) and it will shimmer.


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