Best Apps to Learn a New Language

Jun 6, 2016

When I travelled to Europe last year, I was looking for some help in learning the language. Here are some of the best apps I tried for learning the basics of a new language in a short period of time.

Learn 50 languages

I really like this app for the wide variety of language choices and the at your own pace lessons. The free app has 30 lessons, but if you want the full 100 you can upgrade. Great customer support as well


Language Coach

This app utilizes the flash card concept for learning a new language, and based on that you build your own lesson plan. It’s great to hear native speakers say the words along with helpful illustrations for more visual learners. Well worth the money.


Tourist language learn & speak

You’ll need text to speech capabilities on your phone in order to use this app, but it is a nice language phrase translator. Great for if you don’t have the time to learn a language, but need a little help with common words and phrases while traveling.


LangLearner Multi-Language

LangLearner offers up a really great way to learn the basics of a new language. The categories of phrases are very comprehensive and include lessons in 10 language. They also have language specific apps for more in-depth lessons on a specific language.


Learn Spanish with Babbel

This is a very comprehensive app for learning spanish, with a ton of words and phrases at your fingertips. I’ve used the web version before, and it’s great to be able to now use my smart phone on the go to hone my spanish skills.


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