Best Apps for Taking Notes

Sep 4, 2011

Phones are replacing everything paper oriented in our lives. Notes are no exception. With location being built in along with other exciting features note taking apps are very useful for every day use. The apps i use allow me to take a picture of notes and save, share, and search for them later.

VisR – A Smart Photo Gallery

VisR lets me effortlessly take notes for instant or later reviewing. The app is very easy to use and it neatly organizes my notes by date and location so i can quickly access them. Sharing them via email is very easy as well. The web component myVisR lets me checkout all my emailed notes over time.



Spring Pad is nice because it lets me remember everything! I have a lot going on in terms of work, family, social life so it provides a good route to remember key elements.


Note Everything

I like Note Everything because of the voice implementation. Being able to speak into the app to record things such as ‘call this person later about work’ is very useful!


Catch Notes

The best part to this app is the # tag feature. It provides a unique way to organize notes.


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