1Weather (Free)

1Weather is a beatiful and clean Android app with a separately downloadable widget app. Add weather widgets to your Android device’s Home screen with the help of 1Weather, an elegantly designed weather app that makes getting information quick and easy. The app is easy to navigate and brings you forecast information both for your location and any location worldwide. You can also get severe weather alerts and easily navigate the app, thanks to its clean, slick design.

AccuWeather (Free)

Get severe weather notifications, 15-day forecasts, and lots more info thanks to AccuWeather. Along with Home screen widgets to get you your weather updates faster, the app also brings you updates every 15 minutes and is full of information like humidity, dew points, UV indexes and wind speeds. You can also get five-day local forecasts with all the most important information front-and-center.

Yahoo Weather (Free)

Yahoo Weather provides all the weather data you could want in a beautiful, photo-heavy presentation. You can scope the local conditions like precipitation, temperature and humidity, or run down the extended forecast in five-day and 10-day presentations to plan your week. The app also features interactive maps that show radar and satellite data (as well as info like heat and snow), and you can pull up more detailed information within the app as well.

RadarScope ($9.99)

Weather geeks, RadarScope is the app for you. It’s filled with radar data and maps that’s great for both amateur and professional meteorologists, as well as people who are just interested in weather info. You can also get tornado, severe weather and flash flood warnings from the app, as well as more in-depth data about maps as you’re looking at them. All the maps automatically every five to 10 minutes, so you always have the most up-to-date data at your fingertips. For $9.99, RadarScope sure is pricey, but if you like to go seriously in-depth with your weather forecasts or you’re a budding meteorologist or tornado chaser, it’s well worth a look. With its NEXRAD Level 3 radar data and severe weather warnings for the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam, RadarScope offers the best of the best for true weather enthusiasts. The app displays tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flash flood warnings issued by the National Weather Service and offers probably the most reliable and accurate weather data for Android users.

The Weather Channel (Free)

This app has helped to take eyes off the television and glue them to your phone for yet another reason. If it’s weather data you want, The Weather Channel is the app to get it. It’s packed with information about meteorology, with hourly and 10-day forecasts, local weather maps and information from around the world. You can also check out videos that show things like your forecast and discuss issues such as climate change, and track hurricanes and tropical storms.

InstaWeather (Free)

InstaWeather marries weather and location data with Instagram photos to create a new way of sharing. You can use the app to share your photos of fun in the sun, winter sports, or whatever else you’re up to, and add the temperature, location, time and place to them in a clean and stylish overlay. There are more than 70 different skins you can add to your photos for different presentations, and you can easily share them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and wherever else you frequent online.

WeatherBug (Free)

Along with real-time forecasts that pinpoint your location and give you the most accurate weather data you can get, WeatherBug packs tons of severe weather alerts when you need them. You can get updates about dangerous thunderstorms, lightning in your area, and more in the form of Push notifications, and WeatherBug also includes access to live weather cams and extended forecasts.

Arcus Weather (Free)

Arcus doesn’t just bring you weather data, it focuses in on the most local, useful weather information you can find. That information lets you get forecasts not down to days or hours, but minutes. The app presents all your weather and forecast data in a minimalist design that makes it easy to read quickly, and Arcus allows you to create Home screen widgets with custom information.

Palmary Weather (Free)

This was once only available from outside the Android Market, but thankfully developers made it available within Google’s marketplace. Before you fork out the $1.98 being asked for Palmary Weather Premium, give the free version a test drive first. The app’s forecasts are very accurate, with a database of 80,000 world locations that pinpoint where you are as you travel. You can display the current temperature in your status bar, and there are plenty of charts to view (though admittedly, they’re not the app’s strongest feature). The widgets available within the app are highly flexible, but you’ll need to pony-up for the full version to access them all as the free version offers just three.