What could be better than playing great games anywhere you go? Playing them in the glorious splendor that is high definition, of course! Tablet gaming hasn’t quite caught up to its older yet smaller brother, but this year saw the release of some heavy hitting titles. These might not be the best games on the market right now, but they’re all excellent gaming experiences that really put the extra hardware and screen resolution of a tablet to good use in one way or another. Here are my picks for best tablet games of 2011.

What mobile games list would be complete without a tower defense game? Sentinel 3 is easily my favorite tower defense from this year, with its stunning visuals and innovative gameplay. Not only will you set up various towers, but you’ll also have control over a special commander unit with various offensive and defensive capabilities.

The game has you jumping between gates as the commander in your completely awesome mech-suit, strategically using your abilities to help turn the tide of each wave. Currency earned can be used to upgrade your towers, and the commander even levels-up, letting you customize his stats. You can also mix things up with Endless mode and extra challenging Classic mode, and this is honestly the best looking tower defense game I’ve ever seen.