Going once, going twice… SOLD to the girl who religiously follows this app’s notification features! Use this app to search, watch, and be notified when auctions you’re watching are ending. When you’re looking for something rare, or on the cheap, or even just something out of stock elsewhere, eBay is a great place to look. Online auction site eBay makes it possible to get just about anything, and the eBay Android app means you can get anything from just about anywhere. The app gives you the ability to search for auctions, bid on and buy items, and complete transactions as a buyer. You can also create new listings for items you want to sell using your device’s camera, and monitor how your auctions are doing from wherever you are.



Much like eBay, it’s possible to find all kinds of cool products to buy on Amazon with the help of its Android app. Amazon is the big fish in online shopping and it’s no suprise that their mobile app is on point. Once logged in you have access to all your data including wishlists and past purchases. You can also scan an items barcode and Amazon will look up similar items you can purchase right from your phone. I have an Amazon Prime membership which means that I do a lot of my shopping at Amazon.com. This handy little app let’s me easily purchase an item with my “one-click” settings and not have to bother with entering in my shipping and payment info. It also let’s me find my recent orders and track them. You’d be surprised how often I find something cheaper on Amazon.com than in a store. It’s too easy to get everything I want when I’m signed in to this app – especially with one-click. In addition to access to the retailer’s online catalogue, the Amazon app packs lots of additional cool features, like the ability to search for products by snapping pictures of them or scanning their barcodes, so you can compare prices while you shop in stores.

Shopkick: Rewards & Deals


Shopkick allows you to earn rewards at the stores at which you already shop. When you enter a store supported by Shopkick, just open the app, and use it to scan certain items found within. You’ll earn points toward discounts, and you can also find deals even as you’re shopping as you normally would. You can also link your credit cards to the app to earn more rewards, and you can redeem the rewards you earn within the app without having to print anything.

RetailMeNot Coupons


You can save lots of money with the effective use of coupons, and RetailMeNot has a huge number of them just waiting to be redeemed. You can search for coupons based on the stores you frequent, and the app will also suggest deals you might like — and all RetailMeNot’s coupons can be scanned and redeemed within the app. You can also save your favorite coupons for later and receive notifications for when they’re expiring.



Grab discounts at Target stores with the help of the company’s app, Cartwheel. The app brings you all kinds of cool deals that can help you save on products you get in the store, knocking off anywhere from 5 to 30 percent on various purchases. Cartwheel also lets you share different discounts with friends across Facebook, and allows you to stack discounts with coupons and other offers. Perhaps most useful is the fact that the discounts you receive are tailored to your buying habits, allowing you save money on the things you get most often. If you’re an avid Target shopper and don’t mind sharing data about what you buy at the store, Cartwheel can save you money.



Another handy way to save money with coupons, Groupon works by presenting its users with big local deals at certain businesses. Great to keep an eye on and pick up super discounted items and services. When you sign up for a particular groupon, you pay for it ahead of time, and then have a set amount of time (usually several months or a year) to redeem it when it’s convenient for you. Just show the groupon within the app at the business and you’re all set, allowing you to save big on all kinds of things.



Deal-sharing site Slickdeals.net comes to your Android device, bringing all the deals that users share among one another and making it easy to find discounts at the stores around you. Looking for the best sales near you? Tap into SlickDeals, an app that leverages its community to allow shoppers to help each other find the lowest prices and best sales. The app shows you what great deals are happening at stores and businesses around you, as discovered by other real shoppers who have shared the inside scoop in the app. You can see the deals available and get directions to stores, and you can also share the deals you discover so other people can take advantage of them. Slickdeals leverages its community to help users find useful deals in their areas. The app relies on users sharing what they find at stores around them to let others know about the best deals, and combines that information with info from sites such as Groupon and Living Social to help you save money whenever you head out to buy something. The app includes a frontpage deals section and can be geared to kick Push notifications your way when new deals pop up, and you can also post deals you find, vote on deals to help elevate them, and leave comments on those you’ve tried out. Coupon-clippers and other frugal folks will find a lot of help with saving money with Slickdeals.

SnipSnap Coupon App


Never clip another coupon again with SnipSnap Coupon App, which allows you to use your Android device’s camera to digitize any print coupon you find. Cutting out or printing coupons and managing them can be a pain, which is why you should check out SnipSnap. The app uses your device’s camera to scan and convert any coupon you find into a mobile version, allowing you to then scan the bar code and other information straight off the device’s screen instead of having the print coupon. SnipSnap allows you to bundle coupons together into categories to keep them organized, and also gives you notifications when a coupon is set to expire or when you walk into a store for which you have a saved offer. You can also share the best deals you find and follow the coupon exploits of others through Facebook and Twitter. Frugal folks who use a lot of coupons should try SnipSnap to keep them organized and easier to deal with.

Woot Check - Daily Deals


Keep up-to-date with daily deals site Woot.com with this handy app. Woot Check showcases the deals from all of Woot’s sites, as well as buy anything you see there. Woot.com has some pretty impressive deals every day, and since the site gained popularity, it also added lots of specific sister sites. Woot Check lets you monitor all the sites, including kids.woot and wine.woot, for anything you might like, but the app is especially useful during a Woot Off, in which the site sells as many deals as it can in a 24 hour period. The app also now includes a number of social capabilities, so you can share deals with others, and Woot Check will also send you notifications about the day’s offers. Woot.com fans should definitely give Woot Check a look, but frugal shoppers will also find some use in the app.

Slice - Package Tracker


Slice helps you keep track of those online purchases that some of us have a tendency to make and then forget about. You can use Slice to keep track of where your packages are once you’ve made a purchase, as well as whether your returns have made their ways back to their retailers. Slice also gives you Push notifications when prices drop on things you’ve bought so you can get price adjustment refunds, and allows you to make backups of your receipts for lots of online retailers.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner


Scan barcodes and compare prices with the help of ShopSavvy. Hold your phone’s camera up to a barcode to scan it in. That’s when the real magic happens. The app will pull the items data, then use your GPS info to find the price of the item at stores near your location as well as online. You’ll always get the best price using ShopSavvy. When you scan the barcode of a product, the app gives you price listings found both online and in local stores near you, allowing you to get the very best price possible. It will also give you information and product reviews from other users. You can set up notifications so ShopSavvy will forward you alerts about when prices go down, and you can browse through popular items lists to get great deals on stuff you might want.



Crafting site Etsy allows users to post and sell things they create themselves, and the Etsy app brings that functionality to your Android device, allowing you to handle both buying and selling with the same app. The official Android app of the craft buying and selling website, Etsy makes it easy to purchase things you find on the site. Etsy is mostly geared toward the buyer experience for the website, which allows you to search through thousands of products, often found or created by hand by their sellers. You can purchase items through the app, as well as leave comments and answer messages sent from sellers and other users. The app includes some social capabilities to connect with other Etsy users as well. Etsy is for users and people who like hand-made items will get a kick out of the mobile app.

Out of Milk Shopping List


Out of Milk combines three kinds of lists for ultimate shopping organization. You get the ability to build shopping lists and sync them with other users, as well as a pantry list that helps you keep track of what you have at home and what you need, and a to do list so you won’t miss anything. You can even get notifications about grocery deals as you’re shopping.


DICK's Sporting Goods Mobile


As well as allowing you to shop for athletic gear at DSG.com, this app also lets you track and manage your rewards. There is full access to all the stuff available at DICK’s Sporting Goods, or you can find a store nearby. You can get news and info on all the company’s latest products or manage your ScoreCard Rewards, which turn into cash the more gear you buy. People familiar with DICK’s Sporting Goods will be happy to see a dedicated app on Android, especially because it means more opportunities to earn rewards. At the same time, anyone who likes to shop for sporting apparel or athletic gear may find it’s a handy app to have around.

Deal Drop Shopping Deals


Deal Drop aggregates tons of national and local deals from a bunch of different stores, and updates frequently with new deals from all over. That’s good, because more and more deals will become available to savvy Internet shoppers. Deal Drop focuses specifically on daily deals for a number of sites, but it finds lots of great things on sale and should be useful in planning your shopping. If you’re planning to take to the Internet for a bargain, consider the companionship of Deal Drop.



Use Favado to compare sales data from local stores of the same type in order to find the best deals on tons of different products. Every week, local grocery stores, drug stores and big box stores all run sales on various items, but unless you diligently check them online or in your Sunday newspaper, you might miss those price reductions. Favado’s job is to help you find the best price on whatever it is you’re looking to buy, even when you’re in a store. It aggregates local sales data in your area and lets you see the price of different items at various locations – so you can see when that TV you wanted is on sale, or make sure you’re getting the best price on your groceries. You can also access printable coupons to save even more, and Favado’s editors will identify the best sales each week to give you some recommendations. If you’re looking to save money on items by shopping around, let Favado do the heavy lifting for you.

Best Buy


The official app of Best Buy is here to enhance your shopping experience on Android tablets. This is a very handy shopping app with all the trimmings. Besides allowing you to shop right from the app itself, the app gives you plenty of weekly deals, exhibits new releases, and shows recommended items based on your purchase history. You can also keep track of your reward zone points, or carry the app in the store with you and use it to scan mobile codes. You can even call the stores right from the app with a button press, or order items for an in store pickup. This is a great app to do shopping research outside of the store’s website, and it’s generally very useful, if only for a very specific situation.

DealNews - Today's Best Deals


I think the old saying goes — you can’t be too rich or too thin or have too many bargains. DealNews delivers online retails bargains. Scrolling tabs across the top let you pick from Newest, Hottest, Features or categories like Computers, Gaming & Toys, Home & Garden and so on. Drill down into a particular listing, and you can either Buy Now — where the app takes you to the retail site and will auto-insert any required coupon code — or Save to push the listing to a favorites section of the app. Share any amazing offers over Facebook or Twitter, or email directly from the listing.Need more? You can search by keyword, and specify particular product categories and specific retail businesses to browse. DealNews claims you can find more offers over its page in Facebook, its Twitter feed or by browsing its website. Overall, the app is very straightforward with no bells and whistles. If you go offline, you’ll have to touch Refresh to bring back the list of offers. It might be nice to see some comparison shopping to check how good some of the deals actually are. Nonetheless, the offers do seem like bargains, and this category of apps is pretty hot.

Target - Plan, Shop & Save


Target for Android is like having a personal guide to the entire department store. You can use the app to see if your nearest store has what you’re looking for. If you’re already there though, the app can give you turn-by-turn directions to the exact aisle and place on the shelf where your item of interest can be found. Target also has its barcode scanner, which is much more convenient than trying to hunt down the store’s own scanner booths (they’re never around when you need them). The app also has sections dedicated to sale items and for products geared towards a specific holiday or season. Because Target mirrors its website, this means that if you frequent Target.com, it makes finding your way around easy. However, despite all its great features, you still can’t use the app to order merchandise just yet.



Starbucks allows Android users to pay for coffee the digital way. The app functions as a frequency card. Instead of fishing through your wallet to find your card, you just whip out your tablet when it’s time to pay at the register. You need a card with money pre-loaded onto it, and it must already be registered at the Starbucks website, but this only takes a few minutes. You can also use the app to add funds, set the app to automatically reload your card, check your balance, or view your rewards status.
Starbucks allows you to keep track of as many cards as you like. That way, if you share a tablet, you can put other card information into the app, or gift them to friends. If you’re a Starbucks regular, this is a great tool to have, and it means your Starbucks card is one less thing you have to carry around.