Smartphones come with the ability to take point-and-shoot images easily, but those photos could definitely use some improvements in quality. The good news is, there are plenty of great photography apps that can make you a better photographer and make your images look more awesome. We’ve got a few of the best below.

VSCO Cam (Free)

VSCO Cam packs some great photography presets for Android devices, allowing you to snap some slick-looking photos. You can then edit them with a number of features and sliders that let you easily adjust different elements like contrast and white balance. VSCO Cam also includes a before-and-after feature that lets you compare the finished products to originals to get exactly the look you want in your images.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone ($4.99)

Adobe’s famous Photoshop software gets the mobile treatment in Adobe Photoshop Touch, simplifying the editing program for a perfect mobile device fit. The app packs well-known Photoshop features, such as the ability to edit different layers on an image, adjust tone and add filters and effects and more. You can also combine pictures together to easily create new images.

Camera Zoom FX ($2.99)

Like other photography apps, Camera Zoom FX offers lots of different post-processing capabilities, but even more interesting are its control features for when you’re actually snapping your shots. You can set up voice-activated photos, shoot bursts, create collages, and even get time-lapse images with the app’s help. Other items like a horizon level, grid overlays and stable shot features help you take sharper, better-composed pictures.

Snapseed (Free)

The focus with Snapseed is on quick and easy photo editing. It includes lots of functions that can be applied well to your photos regardless of your editing experience, and also packs features like an autocorrect function that takes the heavy lifting out of edits. You can also selectively adjust different objects and elements in photos to further tune them, then share them online through social networks.

Flickr (Free)

More social network than photography app, Flickr nonetheless includes features that let you take solid photos and videos and tune how they look to get the best quality you can out of them. Then, you can upload them to your Flickr account to store them online and share them with other users. You can also use Flickr to browse through other users’ photos and see great shots, then leave and receive comments.

ProCapture 2.0 ($0.99)

Use ProCapture to amp up your smartphone’s capabilities, making it more like a true digital camera and less like a phone with a camera app. You can use ProCapture to take wideshots and panoramas, set timers for burst shots, and shoot time-lapse video. The app also provides composition guides and ratios to help you become a better photographer, and it lets you reassign buttons like your phone’s volume controls for easier zooming and snapping.

Pixlr Express (Free)

Get access to huge numbers of effects, borders, filters, collage settings, and more with Pixlr Express. It allows users to quickly crop, edit, remove red eye and use auto-correcting features to tune up photos, and then offers tons of after effects that can be combined to create all sorts of different images and presentations.

Photo Editor by Aviary (Free)

Aviary’s Photo Editor is all about editing with a minimum amount of fuss. It brings the ability to auto-enhance your images with a single button, as well as lots of adjustable options to get the most out of the photos you take. You can also do things like remove blemishes and red eye from photos of people, as well as whiten teeth, and add borders and stickers to finish your images off.

Instagram (Free)

Social photography app Instagram has become so popular it’s even a bit contentious at this point, but if you want an easy photography app that turns out great photos, it’s hard to go wrong with this selection. The app lets you apply a number of different filters to your photos and control elements such as saturation and sharpness easily. It also doubles as a robust social network for photos that makes it easy to check out other people’s great shots, or share your own.

PicsArt – Photo Studio (Free)

Get a more artistic take on photography with PicsArt. It includes things like drawing tools and collage makers so you can go beyond photos to create something new, and lets you use its DrawCam function to combine photography in real time with the ability to draw and break your images down into layers. You can send the images you create to PicsArt’s community online, where you’ll be able to see the work of other artists and share your own.