Endomondo Sports Tracker

It’s a snap to track just about any sport or workout with Endomondo. All you have to do is input your sport at the outset, and Endomondo provides lots of different tracking options, like a rundown of distance covered, speed and more thanks to your device’s GPS. You can save your routes and get information on your progress, and friends can send encouraging texts while you’re out that the app automatically reads to you, to help keep you motivated.

Zombies, Run!

Not everyone loves running and words of encouragement or zoning out don’t work for everyone. With Zombies, Run!, people looking to get in shape with running are given a different motivational factor, in the form of a story about the zombie apocalypse. You play a runner who’s tasked with helping keep a settlement alive by going on supply runs. The story unfolds across multiple episodes, and the app also syncs in with your music and speeds and slows to push you harder according to what’s happening in the tale.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Keep track of all that you eat with Noom, as well as when you workout and how you’re doing as you work toward your weight-loss goals. The app makes it easy to track your food intake every day by inputting what food you have and how much, and Noom does the rest by tallying up the calories and helping you stay on track toward your losing weight.


Combining with the intense workout regimen of the same name, P90X gives you all the tools to stick with the 90-day workout and everything that goes with it. You’ll be able to keep track of what you eat and how much each day as you follow the P90X nutrition guide, get reminders for each of your workouts (as well as handy guides), and keep track of everything you need as you’re working out, like the number of reps you’ve completed of each workout.


RunKeeper has one simple job: Keep track of how far and how fast you go when you run. In order to do that, it uses your device’s GPS capabilities, logging the distance you cover when you go for a run or a walk. You can also get stats like pace and see your route tracked on a map to help you gather more useful information about your workout.


There are more than 3 million foods saved in the calorie-tracking database of MyFitnessPal, which means your chances of finding what you’re looking for when you write down what you’ve eaten are pretty good. The app concentrates on helping you keep a log of what you eat and how much, and balances that against your workouts to help you eat less and lose weight.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is basically a digital yoga guide that you can carry around with you. The app is filled with more than 175 different poses and positions, divided into 27 different routines that you can filter for duration, difficulty and practices. Pocket Yoga also includes voice guidance to help you get the poses right, down to when you should inhale and exhale.

PumpUp – Fitness Trainer

Bring a personal trainer with you to the gym (or wherever) with PumpUp. The app builds workouts around you, what your goals are and what you’re capable of, including what equipment you have available at home or what your favorite machines are at the gym. You’ll get step-by-step coaching that will help you do moves and use machines correctly for more than 600 different workout moves.

Restaurant Weight Loss

There are lots of apps that help you keep an eye on the caloric content of the food you eat, but few are able to handle the food from restaurants. That’s where Restaurant Weight Loss comes in — it’s geared toward helping you choose the right items when you go out to eat, and features a database of more than 250 restaurant chains and all the foods contained within them.


Turn workouts into games with Fitocracy, an app that rewards you with points for completed workouts and achievements for hitting milestones. The app looks to motivate its users by giving them goals to strive toward, and also includes a huge community of other people who are working out, to help you find support, as well as give it to others.