These days, your Android phone is your best friend when it comes to diet and fitness. There are tons of free and paid Android apps to help you on your path to well-being. Start the New Year off right with some of the best health and fitness apps of 2011 for Android.

Begin a running program with the help of the Ease into 5K app for Android ($2.99). The nine-week series is broken into three weekly runs. You do a five-minute warm-up, then your C25K trainer (you can pick a woman or man’s voice) tells you with a voice cue when to run and when to walk, and then you finish with a five-minute cool-down. So you don’t have to constantly look at a stopwatch to figure out your run/walk intervals, the app also alerts you when you’re halfway through your training. Another fabulous feature of this app allows you to listen to your own music by creating a playlist within it. At the end of your run, you’re automatically prompted to enter a journal for how you felt during the day’s training. The app builds to your runs incrementally, so if you’re feeling quite challenged by a particular day or week, you can easily choose to redo that training.

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