2010 was a great year for Android, with a few milestones for game fans, too. OpenFeint made its debut on Android, bridging iPhone and Android gamers for real-time play, while Angry Birds took Android by storm, shooting straight to the top with 5 million downloads in its first few weeks. Android gamers also saw the rise of HD games, the popularity of RPGs, and so much more. Without further ado, here are the best games of the year.

Top dogs

Pocket Legends taking full advantage of Android’s platform. This multiplayer battler takes you through a series of challenges, markets and fights; all the while, you get custom avatars, items to earn and regular content updates. Build your skills, friends and accomplishments in this ground-breaking game, which upped the ante with a 3D upgrade last month.

With eight leagues and 245 teams to manage, Real Soccer 2010 is a throwback to colorful console games of the ‘90s. From Gameloft, you won’t find this game in the Android Market, as the developer is offering downloads directly to consumers. Gameloft has done well using this method so far, with Real Soccer being among its first HD Android releases. A high quality game, Real Soccer costs a little less than $5.

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