Plant Nanny, the cute reminder to drink enough

Plant Nanny from Peg 3 is a lovely little Android app which help millions of kids to drink water regularly. Plant Nanny is the kiddy version of the adults’ logging apps. Every time you drink water and log your consumption of liquid, your little plants start to grow.

Plant Nanny makes it easy to measure daily water consumption and slightly rewards the user with a little growth each time. It is able to record your drinking history and gently remind if you forget to empty your cup. It provides a long term motivation to pay attention to hydration: after your plant is fully grow, you can unlock and explore more and more.

Feelings – Emotional Growth: a best gift to your kid

Communication and talking about emotions are key factors in parenting. Hissy and tantrums are often production of the child’s confused emotion. Sometimes it is enough to make the little ones understand their own feelings – and for this the cute little Android app “Feelings” provide a very good material.

Feelings – Emotional Growth from Baby Bus series explains feelings by little, interactive tales. It helps kids to name the main emotions and helps them to identify them in different situations. Simple, lovely drawings, easy texts, lovely exercises boost the efficiency of early childhood learning.

ABC Learning for Toddlers: saves you if you have to wait

Remember the times when your parents took you to their workplace and told you to sit at a desk and draw? This app would have certainly provided you a way more fun. The app gives a few exercises and teaches kids to write and read.

ABC Learning for Toddlers gives small tasks to the kids and gently helps to learn the necessary movements for forming letters. Th biggest advantage of this piece of software that it does not require a pen – this makes it more enjoyable to use even for children with less developed tactile skills.

100 Animal Megamix: the loveliest app for kiddies

If once you were the kid with the “nature book” in your hands, you know, the type who recognizes several kinds of dogs, collects ants to observe them, and watches NatGeo with eyes wide open, you would certainly have enjoyed this app in your childhood.

100 Animals Megamix contains over 100 high quality pictures of animals which can be browsed in nicely organized galleries. The app allows you to listen their voices. This app provides infinite fun for children who like browsing books, wondering about science or love animals. The species are carefully selected from all over the world, so it takes the fauna of Africa, Asia or even Oceania right into your hands.

My Baby Piano – learn music by playing

Okay, baby piano is the worst nightmare of every parents. It is noisy, annoying and probably has false tunes. But not this one. My Baby Piano provides clear sounds, its multi touch system allows the kid to play exactly like on a real physical keyboard, and it also has a drum system – another favorite instruments of the little ones.

This Android app is able to do what a usual plastic toy keyboard cannot. It helps to improve the sensation of kids by giving clear, visual instructions for playing songs and provides interactive vibrations to give positive feedback.