Best Android apps for Shoe trends and Lacing art

Sep 29, 2011

This list is all about shoes! Here are some apps that examine the styles and trends and some that will teach you how to lace your gear in style.

Lacing Shoes

For .99 you can laern 40 different ways to lace your shoes. Includes detailed instructions with photos for the process and photos of the final result. Excellent!


Shoe Size Converter

This will help you convert between the different shoe sizing systems they have in different countries.


Lacing Art (Pro)

This app will teach you how to tie a number of different styles of shoelaces in a number of different patterns. It has illustrations and photos to guide you through.


100 Shoe Styles (Keys)

This app will teach you the names for 100 different shoes styles with photos for each one. Sort of like a flashcard app only these great shoes will give you ideas for your own shopping!


Shoe Collection

This app is for people with a serious shoe collection. You can keep track of your shoe wardrobe with this app as well as keep a wishlist for shoes you’d like to add to your collection.


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