Best Android Apps for Learning Ukrainian

Sep 17, 2011

I just started dating a guy who is 1/2 Ukrainian. So I am learning some things so I can speak to his parents.

SpeakEasy Ukrainian ~ Phrases

For $4.06 you can have this Ukrainian phrase book that includes audio pronunciations of the phrases from native speakers. Over 600 travel-related phrases.


English to Ukranian Flashcards

A simple easy flashcard app with 5,000 words.


Comments.UA – Ukrainian News

This is the Ukranian (and world) news in Ukrainian. Great for learning about the country and the language at the same time.


Learn Ukrainian Free WordPower

This is a great, small, free app that teaches you one Ukrainian word per day through text in Cyrillic, Romanized – and audio pronunciation.


Ukrainian Language Pack

Ukranian keyboard layout and dictionary for AnySoftKeyboard. Excellent.


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