Best Android Apps for Learning Slovenian

Sep 22, 2011

I am taking a linguistics class and so really curious about languages. These apps are a great way to get a taste of Slovenian.

SlideIT Slovenian QWERTY Pack

If you use SlideIT as a keyboard you can use this app for a full Slovenian key layout and dictionary.


English/Slovenian Flashcards

A simple easy flashcard app with 5,000 words.


Lingopal Slovenian Lite

This free app has essential Slovenian phrases including the audio for them. Great for traveling or impressing your Slovenian friends.


uTalk Slovenian

This app costs $9.61 and is a quick and fun way to learn Slovenian. It has recording, playback, photos quizzes, and lots more. It’s good for learning basic Slovenian phrases, not the entire language.


Slovenia Quick Facts

This has 150 facts about Slovenia – comprehensive and a good cram for a trip to Slovenia.


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