Best Android Apps for Learning Slovak

Sep 22, 2011

I am looking into my roots and the languages of my ancestors – some of whom are Slovakian. Here’s some great apps for learning Slovak.

Slovak for AnySoftKeyboard

If you use AnySoftKeyboard – here is a Slovak key layout and dictionary for it.


English Slovak Translator

If you speak to this app in English – it will translate it to Slovak and read it out loud for you. You can also type in Slovak and get it translated to English. Not always a perfect translation.


SlideIT Slovak QWERTY Pack

If you use SlideIt as a keyboard – here is a Slovak key layout and dictionary for it.


uTalk Slovak

This app costs $9.61 and is a quick and fun way to learn Slovak. It has recording, playback, photos quizzes, and lots more. It’s good for learning basic Slovak phrases, not the entire language.


English Slovakian Dictionary

This dictionary translates to and from Slovak and English. There are no definitions or examples provided in the translations – but there are learning tools like flashcards and translations built around synonyms. Definitely worth the $4.01.


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