My Android phone has been one of the few turning points in my blogging career. With Internet access, a hotspot and dozens of blogger-specific apps, my Android is one smartphone that keeps me working at any time (by choice or circumstance). 2011 was a big year for blogger apps as some (like WordPress) improved on existing features, while others (like Tumblr) completely revamped their Android app from the ground up. As mobile blogging really settles into its own, Android’s become a perfect playground for a generation of ready chroniclers.


Path is a social startup that’s gained significant traction in 2011, putting a new spin on the way we post and share content. Combining automatic capabilities (such as location check-ins and silencing notifications at bedtime) with traditional media-sharing, Path lets you blog with ease, and with the right people in mind. The app had a major update when it expanded its sharing options to include activities, music, locations and more. And social connections make posts collaborative, so you can post about a song you’re listening to at a certain place, with a certain person. Headed by former Facebook platform executive Dave Morin, Path also has a penchant for design (Morin is an ex-Apple employee as well). Photos in your stream become the cover for your Path blog, and an unobtrusive animation pop-out displays your content posting options. With an entire team designated to design, Path’s focus on its Android experience makes it one to watch.

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