Believe the hype. One of the most-talked-about mobile games in recent history is Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile, exclusively available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch until today when Rovio released the Angry Birds Lite Beta Android version. It is good? Yes! So much so, you should stop reading this and go download it immediately.

Still here? Maybe you want some details. The story concerns greedy pigs that steal the eggs of nearby birds, making them, well, angry. The pigs hide from the birds in ever-increasingly secure forts made of wood and bricks, which you must destroy by flinging the birds at the forts with a large slingshot.

You might have heard of similar slingshot games – they exist both in Flash style web-based games and other mobile games, but it’s the details that make Angry Birds the Best in Class. The birds grunt with determination as you pull back the slingshot, and whistle with glee as they soar toward the forts. The pigs wink and smile when the bird attacks fail. All in all, I find the game addictive, just like everyone says. I’m currently stuck at level seven and will be heading back to it after I write this review.

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