Be first in class with these back to school apps for Android

Aug 13, 2012

Labor Day is approaching and with the summer’s final celebration comes back to school jitters. In an increasingly tech-savvy world you’ll need the right apps to be prepared for classes, whether you’re in middle school, high school, college or postgraduate studies. The right selection of Android apps can get you ahead of the class, keep you organized during your studies and save you money on textbooks and supplies.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has taken the academic world by storm, offering a new and highly digital way to learn every subject a student needs. The Khan Academy app lets you browse and watch educational videos from Khan Academy in subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, humanities and more. There’s also sections for test preparation, talks and interviews. You can search videos by category, and can download individual videos and entire playlists for offline viewing. Flashcards is a great reference app and they’ve created a helpful study guide that would benefit any student, whether you’re preparing for the SATs or want to improve your writing. You can master new words with tailored study programs. There’s over 70K flashcard decks to choose from, all customizable for your grade level, standardized test or subject. You can select your study method as well, with options for audio pronunciation and definition matching. Better yet, you can continue to study flashcards offline. Check it out.

OfficeSuite Pro

Every student needs a word processor app for taking notes or writing term papers. OfficeSuite Pro lets you view documents teachers have uploaded online, create documents, print and share all sorts of files–including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The app comes with support for PDF files as well. There’s also a File Browser for easy access to documents and integration with several cloud services like Box, DropBox, Google Docs and SugarSync for extended file-management options.

Amazon Mobile

Whether you need textbooks or supplies, Amazon Mobile is the app for you. Search and purchase items directly from the app, and even scan in items you’d like to research online. You’re likely to find most things you need on Amazon for a cheaper price, which is good for every student budget. With an e-book loan center, Amazon’s also a good choice for English Literature majors. Need to stock your dorm regularly with paper towels and Ramen noodles? Set up a Subscribe & Save order for the recurring purchases and save even more.

Realcalc Plus

The TI-89 is no longer the most sophisticated device in your bookbag. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, then you have a powerful scientific calculator at your disposal. Realcalc’s Scientific Calculator app is fully loaded with traditional algebraic or RPN operations, a result history, unit conversions, percentages, Trig functions and much, much more. While the basic version has plenty of functionality and no ads, the full Plus version has even more support for conversions and constants with customizable units and other configurations.


With Evernote taking, searching, and sharing notes during and after lecture has never been simpler. It auto-organizes your notes for every class, all searchable by keyword and the text in the notes themselves. You can create a collaborative notebook for study groups with shared notes, bookmarks, links and other media. You can also sync notes from your desktop, email notes and save tweets to Evernote, and download notebooks for offline use. And remember when Facebook was a network for students? Well, if you’re feeling nostalgic you can share Evernote notebooks directly with Facebook friends as well.

Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Too lazy to type notes? Turn on the Easy Voice Recorder and let the app do all the hard work. Your professor’s droning will be converted into an MP4, 3GP or WAVE file, with the option to save your recordings. There is no time-limit on recordings, so you won’t have to worry about long lectures using up all your space. The Pro version lets you continue an existing recording, save recordings in folders, boost volume and reduce noise, and switch to the camcorder microphone for better recordings. The app can record in the background, letting you use other apps on your smartphone and tablet during class (hopefully not Angry Birds).

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is a fun, simple and easy to use audio & voice recorder. Use it to reliably record your meetings, personal notes, classes, and more, with no time limits! For more information, please see our Google Play page:

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