Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is the fifth installment of the legendary Five Nights at Freddy’s-series, bringing you and the blood-freezing animatronic killing machines to a brand new location – to be exact, a pizza place called Circus Baby’s Pizza World where you’ll be employed as a light night technician and where you’ll be terrorized by the animatronic psychos lurking in the shadows. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location packs heaps of new content – namely locations and characters -, all five nights from the PC game, a feature called Custom Night in which you can personalize your FNAF-experience, and last not least a brain-twistingly grotesque mini-game.

Monster Legends – RPG

Although they can be somewhat intimidating, the beasts in Monster Legends – RPG will definitely not give you any nightmares – unless you’re a complete scaredy-cat who shrieks at the horrifying sight of Pikachu. In Monsters Legends, you can breed and collect more than 400 monsters equipped with unique abilities and either take them on a battle-field quest during which you have to employ different tactics to overcome your foes or engage in action-packed PvP battles in the online multiplayer arena where a Team Wars challenge also awaits. Since monsters are no different from human beings in terms of requiring care and attention, you have to build a monster paradise on a remote island where your creatures can live freely, thrive, breed, and get stronger.

The School: White Day

Whether we’re talking about movies or video games, it is extremely rare for remakes to live up to expectations set by the original piece, which is reason number why a remake that does not flop spectacularly is considered an exception rather than the rule. The School: White Day is without an iota of doubt an exception, although it would have been unfair to expect the remake to be as much of a roaring success as the original was. The old school The School: White Day, launched in 2001, was entitled White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, and managed to gain a cult-like following worldwide, setting the bar pretty high as it pertains to popularity. Regarding cultural authenticity, uniqueness, the amount of nightmare fuel, and gameplay experience, The School: White Day does not bring shame upon the great predecessor, and the story is still hair-raisingly awesome. You play as Hui-min, a student attending Yeondu High School, who, on one godforsaken day, finds herself and several fellow students locked inside their alma mater after hours. When night falls, possessed janitors, ghosts, and other spine-chilling beings come alive, and since The School: White Day is not about violence and you have exactly zero weapons at your disposal, when you encounter something supernatural, all you can do is run for your life. The School: White Day packs multiple alternate endings, making for an outstanding replay value, so it’s not the type of game you just throw away once you’ve survived all its shriek-inducing challenges.

Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror

Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror is an indie masterpiece that’s unlike any other Android game we’ve ever played with. The story – which is a testament to how human beings themselves can be monsters and to how, despite all our petty crimes and misdeeds, we can all find a modicum of redemption in sharing our experiences with others so that they do not make the same mistakes – is unique, touching, and has unbelievable depth for an Android game. The protagonist is Price, an ambitious young man striving to strike a partnership deal with a company. In order to reach his goal, Price seizes the property of an elderly woman, but soon realizes that he made a terrible mistake and sold the one true thing that makes us human: his soul. The cornerstones of Distraint’s one-of-a-kind ambience are – besides the formerly mentioned storyline – hand-drawn 2D graphics, an atmospheric soundscape, a handful of shocking plot twists, challenging puzzles, and easy-to-master controls.

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is an award-winning indie puzzle game that demonstrates in a most lovable and aww-inspiringly cute way how your own imagination can be your most helpful companion in lessening your loneliness. The main character is a cone shaped monster with a heart of gold who loves building snowmen and snowwomen, dressing them up in different outfits and giving them names so that each of his snow friends gets a unique personality. Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is a subtle masterpiece with which you can get away from it all.

The Visitor

Despite the cold hard fact that becoming a worm-like alien parasite who comes to planet Earth and slowly but surely evolves into a man-devouring monster is not on our list of life goals, we were still rejoiced when we stumbled upon The Visitor, mainly because of our decade-long devotion to 80s horror movies. We’ve already unveiled The Visitor’s story, so let’s move on to the gameplay, which mainly consists of strategic tasks and puzzle-like challenges. A pleasant surprise about The Visitor is that it has three alternate endings, meaning you can terrorize earthlings and pets with everyone’s favorite extraterrestrial worm for an extended period of time.

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow

A dark-as-the-soul-of-Palpatine, point-and-click, fantasy slash adventure game set in a nightmarish realm inspired by the ingenious works of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński (if you have no idea who the latter artist is, it’s high time you did some googling)? Yes, please, and twice on Sunday. The story of Tormentum – Dark Sorrow begins with you – a nameless hero who has no memory of his past – being stuck in a metal cage that’s hanging from a spine-chilling flying contraption. The ultimate goal in the game is to escape from this infernal plane of existence, and while doing so, discover the sinister truth about the protagonist’s past and about the world around him. Tormentum – Dark Sorrow’s plot unfolds in 3 realms – with each having its own specific creature types and architecture -, features 24 tough-to-solve puzzles and mini-games, packs an atmospheric soundtrack made up of more than 40 tracks, and has about 4 to 6 hours of gameplay. The moral choices you make determine the game’s ending, so make sure you pay attention to details and always think through what you’re about to do.

Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Everybody loves Cthulhu, right? We know we do, and agreeing with us are millions of loyal Lovecraft fans worldwide who worship the ancient celestial horror by sacrificing their time to His Tentacled Highness by means of role playing games, board games, and video games. In Cthulhu Virtual Pet, you have to care after the cultist-favorite Lovecraftian God and keep him happy by feeding him Witnesses (as in poor, unsuspecting human beings), by bathing him, and by telling him when it’s time to go to bed so that he can get in that essential daily dose of ancient slumber. The better job you do, the more you’ll enjoy seeing him develop into the gargantuan galaxy-gobbling monster that’s become an icon of pop culture throughout the years. Cthulhu Virtual Pet is brought to you in 8-bit pixelated glory, and, to put the slimy icing on the tentacle cake, contains five super cute mini-games.

Samorost 3

Samorost 3 is a beautifully designed indie adventure-puzzle game combo courtesy of the award-winning brains behind a pair of equally unique games, Machinarium and Botanicula. The protagonist in Samorost 3 is a space game whose most prized possession is a magic flute. Using the powers of said magic flute, our tiny hero sets off on a journey taking him across vast galaxies – nine alien worlds with distinctively different flora, fauna, and challenges, to be exact – to discover the flute’s origins. Samorost 3 packs jaw-dropping, borderline psychedelic visuals, a wonderful soundscape, challenging puzzles, and a wide variety of lovable monsters you’ll encounter during your surreal journey.


Did somebody order an XXL portion of darkness seasoned with a dash of horror, a tablespoon of monsters, and a pinch of hopelessness and grief? LIMBO is a unique, deliciously dark blend of typical horror game, puzzle game, and adventure game elements. Although superlatives are thrown around way too often and way too loosely, it is more than justified to characterize LIMBO as a genre-defining (genre-creating?) masterpiece. Proving that plenty of experts and gamers thought the same, LIMBO took home more than 100 awards, a feat that we sincerely doubt will ever be accomplished again. Regarding the story, you play as a little boy who wakes up in the middle of a forest found on the edge of hell, where he begins his desperate search for his missing sister. As the nameless boy traverses through the disturbingly eerie land of LIMBO, he encounters monsters, puzzles, very few human beings, and little to no hope. LIMBO is impossible to put down, and once you do finish the game, it will stay with you and haunt you for quite some time.

AVP: Evolution

The interstellar blood feud of Aliens and Predators returns with a vengeance with revamped graphics and more monster-on-monster and monster-on-Marine violence than ever. As it always is in AVP games, you can choose to play either as a Xenomorph or as a Predator. The Alien storyline revolves around freeing your species from enslavement by hunting down the brutally powerful Super Predators, while at the heart of the Predator campaign are two objectives, namely slaying the Alien Queen and stopping the Super Predators before they go genocidal on your clan, the Jungle Hunter Predators. Each species brings its own package of lethal attacks, powerful weapons, and upgradable abilities to the death match – including the famous spine-ripping specialty of Predators, although the split-a-Space-Marine-in-half-with-your-tail move, courtesy of the Aliens, is no slouch, either -, so be prepared for an all-out war.