Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars takes you and basketball to the streets, throwing you right into the middle of fast-paced, action-packed 1-on-1 street hoops battles played on a wide range of concrete courts. This multiplayer streetball extraordinaire features ankle-breaking crossovers, humiliating blocks, spectacular 3D graphics, customizable players with plenty of level-up options, and a pair of online game modes.

NBA Jam by EA Sports

Boomshakalaka! In this nostalgia-inducing retro masterpiece, you can play with your favorite all-star-level players from 30 NBA teams and engage in arcade-style 2-on-2 full-court games featuring NBA Jam’s signature over-the-top, high-flying, slamma-jamming basketball craziness. NBA Jam has four game modes: Play Now for exhibition games, Classic Campaign for those looking to get their competitive juice flowing, Local Multiplayer with literally big-headed players, and Online Multiplayer for friendly showdowns. NBA Jam’s commentary is brought to you by the legendary Tim Kitzrow, who’s added a handful of new one-liners to his collection of classic catchphrases.


Street Basketball Association

Street Basketball Association specializes in 3-on-3 streetball battles, and comes equipped with five hoops-centric game modes: Quick Game, League, Cups, Three Point Contest, and Training Mode. To add even more variety to the SBA’s already manifold challenges, you can play on 3 difficulty levels and challenge players from all over the world to online games. Don’t let the somewhat cute graphics deceive you – the dunks and blocks in Street Basketball Association are as ferocious as those of Russell Westbrook, aka Mr. Triple-Double.

Real Basketball

Real Basketball stays true to its name by delivering the most authentic real-life basketball experience on Android that’s guaranteed to impress even the most hardcore hoops fanatics. Real Basketball packs 6 different game modes with single player and online multiplayer options, deep customization features for characters, basketballs, uniforms, and even courts, and great-looking 3D graphics.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

Select your favorite team, start out from basically scratch with a B-grade squad almost solely made up of bench players, eek out wins, and slowly but surely make your way to the NBA’s mountaintop by constructing a super team that has some of the league’s current brightest stars and now-retired perennial all-stars of the past in its starting lineup. NBA Live Mobile Basketball keeps you entertained with fresh daily challenges and fly online events, while enhancing the gameplay experience with next-generation controls, ankle-breaking crossovers, rim-ripping dunks, and authentic 5-on-5 NBA action.

Ketchapp Basketball

As it is often said, the essence of ingenuity lies in simplicity, which is especially true in the case of Ketchapp Basketball. This unique Android basketball game is based on a concept that you’ll wish you had come up with: swipe the ball towards the basket. Ketchapp Basketball has 4 game modes in which you can try to outperform your friends or random Ketchapp sharpshooters from different parts of the world to collect stars and unlock new balls – and of course to taste sweet, sweet victory.

Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball has a strong resemblance to NBA Jam in terms of retro feel, though, with its one-button controls and 2D pixel graphics, it conspicuously does it more old school style than the granddaddy of all boomshakalakas. Bouncy Basketball features 2-on-2, physics-based gameplay with rim-shattering dunks, allowing you to put CPU opponents on posters in regular game modes or go up against your friends in shared-screen basketball showdowns. Deciding the length of a game is up to you, as you can choose between games lasting 1,2,3, or 4 quarters with durations of 30, 60, or 90 seconds per quarter. Speaking of choosing, overall, there are 30 customizable teams to choose from – if you unlock them all, that is.

Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is an arcade-style Android basketball game bringing you 1-on-1 hoops showdowns starring cartoon-style characters – but don’t let their looks deceive you, because they definitely got game! Conquer the single player campaign by winning tournaments and big games (which will score you team upgrades) in the most noteworthy basketball cities of the US, or take on your friends in the split-screen multiplayer mode! Oh, and always be conscious of your baller’s energy bar, because if it gets too low, he’ll be dragging himself around on the court with the moderately dizzying speed of a half-legged zombie.


NBA 2k17

The latest installment of the legendary 2k franchise prides itself on being the most authentic sports video game for Android, a claim we tend to agree with, but that doesn’t mean that NBA 2k17 is also the best in its category – at least as it pertains to the platforms at hand, i.e. Android devices. Despite a deeper MyCareer mode refurbished with much-needed tweaks and upgrades, it’s still not as feature-rich as, for instance, the game’s PS4 version, though it is perhaps unfair to expect that from a mobile game. Don’t get us wrong, we do not intend to paint NBA 2k17 as a lousy game unworthy of your time and hard-earned cash or as a disgrace to this iconic franchise, but we’re accustomed to greatness, and we’d demand a little more out of the world’s premier basketball game – especially in light of its $7.99 price tag. As for actual details, NBA 2k17 has three game modes covering both traditional 5-on-5 play and streetball (Quick Game, Season Mode, Blacktop) and the signature My Career mode in which you can create and customize your own baller and lead him to NBA superstardom. Besides the league’s current 30 franchises, you can now play with historic teams and several EuroLeague squads.

Stickman Basketball 2017

One of the favorite catchphrases of NBA players is the simple in form, yet rich-in-content one liners that goes like this: it is what it is. Proving its unparalleled versatility, “it is what it is” rings perfectly true in the context of Stickman Basketball 2017’s short review, because this game is exactly what you think it is: a basketball game featuring stickmen and stickwomen blessed with pro-level hoops skills. Thanks to adorable graphics and smooth animations, simple controls, game modes galore (quick games, seasons, leagues, cups, knock out tournaments, a multiplayer mode and a party mode for up to 4 players, and last not least the spooky graveyard mode), and heaps of awesome content waiting for you to unlock, it’s hard not to fall in love with Stickman Basketball 2017.

Dude Perfect 2

Tyler, Cody, Garrett, Cory, Coby (and the Panda) take their world-famous sharpshooting talents straight to your Android phone in a multifarious trick shot bonanza featuring fun challenges, colorful artwork, spectacular animations, an atmospheric soundscape, and the ability to customize your characters with power-ups and crazy costumes.

Rival Stars Basketball

Create the greatest basketball team in all known universes to defeat opponents from all around the world in this unique Android basketball game based on thrilling card battles, and enjoy getting thrown into the heart of 3D on-court action in clutch situations! Rival Stars Basketball features hundreds of fully-animated 3D player cards, and has a deep card management system with which you can upgrade your players in myriads of ways, cook up different strategies, and come up with ingenious plays you can unleash on your opponents at pivotal moments. Take part in global tournaments against real-life opponents to score awesome rewards, try all of the single player game modes to collect prizes galore, and be on the lookout for bonus events and special promotions!

NBA General Manager 2017

Get firsthand experience of how tough of a job it is being the general manager of an NBA franchise. Select your favorite team, and start general managing like a boss by signing the best players available – though never forget that great players do not necessarily make for a great team, meaning there should always be a well-defined and well-thought-out behind the personnel moves you make, and that offense might be spectacular and crowd-pleasing, but its defense that wins championships. The value of each player depends on their performance in real-life NBA games, but if you’re a seasoned basketball fan who’s always up-to-date on the league, you’ll have zero trouble selecting the right ballers for your squad. Once you’re done assembling your team, you can put it to the test in head-to-head games, tournaments, and in league mode.