Bad Romance

Jun 17, 2011

Need to break up with someone? Recently been broken up with? Trying to move on and find someone new? These apps can help you through one of life’s less fun times.

101 BreakUp Lines

If you’re the “breaker”, and you have no idea how to say what you need to say, this app can help. At the very least, it might give you some ideas of what NOT to say when you’re breaking things off.


Butter Me Up!

If, on the other hand, you’re the one who’s been broken up with (and maybe you need a little cheering), this app turns your phone into an instant compliment factory. At the very least, it might make you giggle.


OkCupid Dating

If you’re feeling ready to get back out there and find someone new, this app can help you. I love that this site is free, and that the app works relatively well.


Match™ Dating – Meet Singles

This is the dating site that all my friends use as their main go to, and a lot of their relationships have started on match. Unfortunately, the app is prone to kinks, and not as good as the full site. But still, it’s worth a look if you’re thinking about getting yourself back out on the dating scene!


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