Backgrounds is an app for the Android platform that allows you to easily find new backgrounds for your phone. This app isn’t complex at all and it does exactly what it says. Unfortunately, most of the issue with this app comes from the images they’ve chosen to use instead of the app itself.

Just like any other background changer you’ve had a chance to use, this one provides you with images for you to browse through and then select the one that you like. Depending on how you hold the phone, there will be either three or four images on the screen when browsing. Select any of these images by tapping them. If you’d like to favorite them or make them your background, this is where you would do it.

There are several categories for you to pick through if you’d like to get more specific in your search. This allows you to skip through the pages of half nude women if you’d prefer to just focus on movie related backgrounds. There weren’t any really inappropriate images on this app, so you won’t have to worry about that, but there are plenty that you just can’t grasp why people would have them on their phone.

The images that this app servers up are just regular images. Some look great over three screens while others look dumb. It’s hard to figure out exactly which one is going to look great until you try it, so be prepared to find a great wallpaper that just doesn’t look cool over three screens. Besides that issue, this app is definitely handy.