The life of a hip-hop star sure does look glamorous, but like the current crop of mainstream rappers, you can produce a song in minutes with half the talent thanks to AutoRap. The app records your voice and adds the beats post processing. Whether your lyrics are deeply thought-provoking or just a string of mumbling nonsense, AutoRap crafts it to emulate a rap song.

AutoRap is gimmicky. After the initial run of your lyrics, the app begins to repeat an excerpt of the song and turns it into your chorus. This is clever at first, but this formula is practiced on most songs and the magic unravels pretty quickly. The app also runs into issues from time to time. One major nuisance is the way it handles verses. You’ll find that AutoRap, chops and skews some of your words rendering them almost impossible to understand. For those lacking an inner tempo, AutoRap corrects some of vocal issues and even auto-tunes your voice. Again, it’s very gimmicky but regardless, still loads of fun.

Along with lyrics, rap is as strong as its beats. Fortunately, AutoRap hosts a number of head-nodding beats. They range from looping freestyle beats and even to premium songs from well known artists. Their catalog contains Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Nelly, Dr. Dre and a slew of rappers and hip-hop stars. Of course, these songs carry a price tag so you’ll have to drop a couple of dollars if you want to feel like the real Slim Shady. And if you have the guts, AutoRap lets you share your created songs to Facebook and Twitter.

AutoRap is an enjoyable application that lets anyone become a rapper in minutes. While it’s certainly not a musical tool, its a fun way to interact with music. If your day job gets in the way of becoming a rap superstar, AutoRap may be the one for you.