Developed by CMSmart Apps, Call Logrr is able to record the details and information of every call that the user is interested in logging for expenses related to work. The app can further be used to log specific contacts of interest as to give the user a summary of who they are on the phone with the most instead of just an overview of the call activities. In doing this, Call Logrr is able to segment the information that the user is to receive so that they can analyze only the metrics that are important to them. For instance, if a phone is used for both business and personal purposes, users are able to identify which numbers are used for what purpose and then generate a report that automatically distinguishes between the types of uses. Beyond this, if a user were only interested in call data for one particular number, automatic filters enable for calls from a specific number to be distinguished.

In creating a mobile solution instead of manually going through hundreds of call logs a month, Call Logrr is able to save users time while the ability to more accurately capture phone call usage related to business can be utilized to save money. Expense claims, billing hours, records for legal purposes are all applications that can be extremely useful for many individuals in the realm of business. To further the range of business related use, Call Logrr allows its users to send phone records and logs straight from the device to billing departments to be reimbursed such as PA, Expense Claim Admin, or Accounts Receivable department.

While many aspects of the app are highly automated and made easy for the user to save time instead of manually going through the list of past calls, a drawback is that each call, either incoming or outgoing, prompts the user to log the call for future purposes. This only takes a few seconds per call but can be tedious given the large volume of calls that are made by business individuals. However, although this may seem repetitive, the process helps to eliminate calls that are meant to be excluded from the analysis at the end of the month. For example, a wrong number call or a call for a quick question may be irrelevant and should therefore be excluded from the log history in order to form a more accurate analysis of calling activity.

In being able to log calls and further segment the type of call to a particular client, project, or reference number, Call Logrr makes it easy to track the time spent with business related calls. Further to this, the information can be utilized for billing, legal, or reimbursement purposes which can then be quickly exported to a particular department or client for a completely streamlined process from call to report.