“I found that childhood game apps are made for all children, with bright color, intense actions, and large distractions and are then promoted as oriented for autism; when they clearly do not understand the autistic mind.” Autism Games 4 – Matching, an android app, is the result of taking best practice Applied Behavioral Analyst (aba) work with autistic children and making it a game.

The goal is to reinforce behavioral therapy. When autism therapy is provided correctly, there are measurable and specific goals. Each question posed is specific in nature with as little background distraction as possible to allow focused measurement and goal improvement. Each question is posed visually and verbally and has a reward (usually clapping or patting and words of encouragement). Autism 4 videoed therapists and attempted to mimic their process as they developed their matching game. This allows the game to be an extension of the therapy process.

“A game that reinforces the work done in therapy is an excellent tool for improving skills and outcomes,” says Jennifer. For example, many matching letter games jump immediately to a 1 to 4 matching with many colors and pretty backgrounds. Autism Games 4 understands that the process needs to be tiered. First students are verbally and visually prompted to touch the single letter, allowing understanding and recognition of that letter. Students are rewarded with clapping when they touch or drag the letter. As understanding is achieved, 1 to 2 matching and more advanced distractors are introduced. Matching of the same shape, but with different sizes, different colors, and different locations on the screen are drawn from specific goals in aba therapy. Each question is based on specific therapeutic goals and skill building.

Autism Games 4 – Matching is only the first planned game for aba therapy. The game provides specific objectives of Matching Letters, Matching Shapes, Matching Words, and Matching Pictures. Goals include touch and drag motor movement skills. Includes shape recognition and identification, understanding same shape different size, color, or on-screen locations. It uses number identification as well as value identification. The app is for early childhood development and autistic children, oriented to develop skills and improve therapy while still being stimulating and fun for the child.

Jennifer notes that the app is an excellent tool to enhance aba therapy, and “we look forward to developing further applications based on the input from this release. We’d love to hear comments and recommendations for improvement or for additional ABA Therapy games.”

Autism Games 4 – Matching can be found at the google app store for $1.99 and a discount is provided for nonprofit and governmental organization’s group purchases.