Communication apps – simple tricks, big progresses

Being a kid is not as easy as it seems. The little ones have problems too: it is too cold or hot, certain things are frightening others are too complicated to understand. This causes stress for kids with normal mental functions as well. However, those children affected by ASD might be even more vulnerable in certain situations, as they might have difficulties in communicating what they want.

Whether a kid is nonverbal or just has problems in pairing words and meanings, visualization and other kinds of help can be extremely useful. These techniques not only allow the kids to overcome speech defects, but they make it easier for them to understand things and to be understood as well.

AAC Autism Talk Now is a very good example. The application is based on a very simple feature: the user can tap a picture and the phone speaks out loud the world. It is also possible to type texts into a textbox and make the application to say it out loud.

AAC Autism Talk Now is full of pictures which are very motivating to be tapped and used actively. The pictures are categorized, so make it easy to memorize the most important expressions of the everyday chores, the most popular games or even emotions.

Autism Speech Diego Says is also a very basic application which is still extremely useful for many. This app teaches the kids to make actions via talking. The app contains expressions (e. g.: I want) and object (e.g.: food), which can be paired. with the help of the parents, the kids can learn to express their needs by using the language (rather than their nonverbal – like pointing at certain things).

Diego Says puts a strong emphasis on what we could call a “lifestyle with autism”. For example, the app contains words in connection with special diets (like rice slices or gluten free bread.), the application is easy to use and do not require much power from your device – it is not a toy but a powerful assistance.

Learn with Rufus Boys and Girls is a bit more complex than the above mentioned applications. This Android app teaches the kids to recognize emotions and helps to identify the identical facial expressions on boys and girls (men and women). This application is extremely useful for those kids who have difficulties in reading mimics and it is an enormous aid even for young adults to make social connections smoother.

The application uses several rewards and positive reinforcements to create a progressive and inspiring background for learning. The power of the app lies in its complexity: it uses graphic, sound and text together to increase the efficacy of learning.

Keep organized

Autism specific organizing apps can be very handy when it comes to teaching everyday routines for the child. Auti Plan is a really great instance of these. It is the mobile compatible version of a routine which has been used in treatment of autism since long. This app enables the user to set up a daily routine by choosing from over 11,0000 pictograms.

The technique of setting up a daily schedule with pictograms is not new. However, this type of visual aid requires a lots of repetitive work, and drawing new and new pictograms is really an issue for anyone who raises a child with autism.

A Cry For Help

Each and every parent with a challenged child may feel like a fish out of water sometimes. Phone apps can help in these situation as well. sci-Shot Global Crowd Safety is a very good example of giving aid by using the power of the community.

Sci-Shot is a crowd-based software for making it easier to find the missing loved-ones. The application enables the user to send out the photos, last known location, and other important information – minutes after they realized that their relative is missing. The app informs the local authorities and all the members of community, who can communicate via the app, share photos immediately, and get in touch with each other to help the searching campaign.

As it might be clear from the above, autism apps for Android are very colorful. Some of them help like any other interactive tools, others take some weight from the shoulders of parents and some of them uses the power of the others to when something bad is happening.

With its impersonal, infinite, patient and permanent being, digital technology can offer several helpful features when it comes to challenges in life. Do not be afraid of using these inventions to improve the quality of your life and help giving a meaningful future to your kids.