In the need for some mobile blogging? You can use aTumble to update your Tumblr blog on the go. You can add all the same items you can add on the Tumblr homepage. You can even switch between your different Tumblr pages.

The main screen allows you to directly add the different types of posts. You can easily add text and photos, but also video, giving you the ability to share everything you come across while surfing on your mobile.

The MyTumblr button shows your timeline, and gives you the option of deleting items, if needed. Navigating back to the main screen and selecting the dashboard shows your timeline and the Tumblr posts of the people you follow.

From within the dashboard, you can edit and delete your own posts, you can also like or re-blog posts of the people you follow. This gives you the ability to share the stuff you come across. What I find strange is that when you try to re-blog posts of people you follow, the browser is opened and you are directed to the Tumblr web site itself, which kind of negates the idea of having an app in the first place.

Tumblr has also released its own official app. The Tumblr one feels more complete, I would say. Give that one a try too, and see which one you like best. My vote goes to the official Tumblr app right now.