strong>Atari’s Greatest Hits landed in the Android Market this week, with favorites like Asteroids and Star Raiders reeling in an entire new generation of gamers. Gameloft also launched a new version of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, updating one of its most popular titles for the Android Market. Sequels seem to be all the rage, as another top publisher, EA, unveiled SimCity Deluxe for Android, while Big Blue Bubble saw instant success with its follow-up Assaulter (Free)

A game against terrorists, Assaulter is an arcade shooter with plenty of weapons to help you fight back against today’s biggest political enemy. With a series of missions across the globe, you must defeat the enemy with upgradable weapons in order to bring justice to the world. This game is a rather shallow shoot-em-up type, so if you like semi-automatics, shotguns and assault rifles, this game is worth a shot. Take down terrorists on planes, in warehouses and a number of other locations, racking up points as your kill rate increases.