This week brought a number of new entertainment apps to the Android, including AT&T’s Uverse app. It’s joining the likes of DirecTV and Comcast for mobile access to your DVR. ING also launched a robust banking tool for Android, with a well-rounded set of features for mobile payments and such.

TVs and talkers

AT&T has launched Android versions of its U-verse mobile app, letting you access program guides and set your DVR. For U300 subscribers, the app lets you download television shows for mobile viewing. The app is free, and available on select Androids, including the Samsung Captivate and the HTC Aria.

TalkMyPhone is a free app that offers remote phone controls from GTalk. You can forward texts, receive call notifications and even the state of your battery. It’s like having a chat conversation with your Android. Search for contacts, send out text messages, load the last five texts from your phone, and geolocate your device anytime.