Are You Watching This?! is a helping hand to sift through sports on TV

Jan 17, 2012

So much sports television, so little time. Cable, broadcast and satellite feel overloaded the next few months with the NFL postseason, the resurrected NBA season and the upcoming March Madness of college basketball. How do you decide what you must watch and what you can afford to skip without suffering a lifetime worth of regret? Enter Are You Watching This?!

Download the app, and configure it with your favorite sports and teams and tell it what cable or satellite setup you have. Then, let it guide you to the best in sports action before, or even during, games. The app uses customized rankings to inform your viewing habits: OK means no major rivalries or dramatic season standings on the line, GOOD says the game should be entertaining based on the matchup, HOT suggests it will be a nail-biter, and EPIC means get thee to a TV and watch this now!

Are You Watching This?! on Android

Download the RUWT app for Android Smartphones, Tablets, and Google TV today!

The app slices up the information under a few tabs. News displays the sport headlines, Scoreboard shows the latest scores from your favorite teams, and the best section, My TV, lists the upcoming games by day and time and labels them with the rankings mentioned above. This makes it easy to choose where to point your eyeballs. The rankings I saw seemed very much in line with the intensity of NFL playoffs when I used the app. If you have DirectTV, TiVo or Google TV, the app will go one better — it will change the channel of your TV like a remote control to jump you right to the game with just one tap. Check it out.

Are You Watching This?!
Are You Watching This?!
Developer: RUWT? Sports
Price: Free
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