This week brings us a solid line-up of titles. At the head of the pack is the latest MMO from Spacetime Studios, Arcane Legends. It takes a more action-oriented approach than their previous titles, but it’s just as good as the rest. We’ve also got a few solid games from, one being a brawler and the other an adorable runner. Additional releases include  a clever image-based puzzler, a dragon breeding management simulation, and the tie-in game three-pack to movie Wreck-it Ralph.

Wreck-it Ralph ($0.99)

Wreck-it Ralph was a brilliant little film, full of nostalgic references and nerdy jokes alongside a fun, original story. It seems like the perfect movie to get a tie-in game, being about games, but how do you make a tie-in game without featuring all the games featured in the movie? By giving us three small games in one! The main game is an adaptation of Ralph’s own game, Fix-it Felix Jr. The other games, based on Sugar Rush and Hero’s Duty, are a simple endless jumper and top-down twin stick shooter, respectively. Still, for one dollar, these three simplistic games make for a nice deal.

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