Just like the fact that you can’t drive 50 miles without running into a big box retailer, you knew this was bound to happen. Everyone loves a bargain, and AppZilla: 50 in 1! brings a new twist to mobile app deals. As the title suggests, this app bundles 50 applications into one. Is it worth it? That depends on your personal taste. I recommend you scan the list of apps included in this app’s description to determine if there’s anything in there you might use.

You won’t find any high-end apps in here, but you’ll find a lot of everything else, from the useful to the useless. For health matters, there are apps that will measure your body mass index and your basal metabolic rate. For reference, launch the Dictionary, Holidays, Area Code Finder or Quotes apps. In home-repair projects, the Clinometer and Plumb Bob apps might come in handy. And, when you’re feeling silly, check out Big Button, You’re Fired and Buzzer, all of which have only one function — tapping a button to make a sound. For a complete list, read the app’s description in the Android Market.

What’s not to love? Well, not every app actually works — I couldn’t get the Police Scanner app to do anything useful, and the user reviews complain of some other apps not working on various Android devices. Also, you can’t pick and choose any of the bundled apps and move them around to a prime spot on your menus. They all remain contained within the AppZilla app itself and must be launched by drilling down into it.

You certainly won’t feel ripped off spending only 99 cents for all these apps, but you probably won’t feel like you scored the deal of the century either.