Apps to Make Your Phone Your Own

Aug 30, 2010

There’s more to personalizing your phone than just a snazzy wallpaper. Check out new launchers and themes to give your Android phone the look and functionality you want! And, because running new launchers sometimes disables a few of your stock Google apps like the calendar and power widgets, I’ve thrown in some alternatives for you too.


ADW Launcher is one of the most talked-about launcher options in Android user forums. There are dozens of themes and icons in the app market designed for this launch system, just pick up the launcher app to get started!


ADW Theme | DroidArmor LITE

This one’s for the tough guys – and girls – who want their phones looking as tough as the system they run.


ADWTheme: iPhone Sense

Well, if you REALLY want your phone to taste like an apple, I suppose you could get this…


Agenda Widget for Android

A wonderful alternative to your standard Google Calendar widget, try this guy for a customizable look on your new ADW theme.


SwitchPro Widget

Customize this widget to make it easy to manipulate your power settings without the standard power widget.


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