Apps for when you get a concussion (or just need first aid)

Nov 3, 2010

No, really. Last night I slipped, fell, and met a tile floor head-on. Literally. Diagnosis: mild concussion. Good thing I had a few handy apps to sort myself out so I am well enough to share this list with you today.

First Aid

A click on “head injuries,” a click on “concussion,” and there’s all the info I need on signs, symptoms and treatment. This app is a good all-around info source for almost any first aid situation.


Hospital Intel

A knock on the head can leave you a little disoriented. Use this app to find local hospitals and emergency centers, and check out quality, satisfaction and other ratings for key indicators.


ICE: In Case of Emergency

Keep your medical history, emergency contacts, insurance information, and other health must-knows in this organizational app. Chances are if you have a severe concussion you won’t know your own name, let alone where your insurance card is, so let this app do the talking for you.



And now that I’m feeling better, I should probably buy a helmet before I leave the house and injure myself again.


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