Apps for the Root User

Sep 7, 2010

Rooting your phone isn’t for everyone. And, DISCLAIMER, it can void your warranty. But if you like to do a little hacking and you don’t mind getting into your phone’s innards, you should try out these apps once you get your phone rooted. Just be careful when doing system updates – you may lose root access and if you do, you lose your access to these apps.


Superuser gets you started right after rooting. It’s not an app with settings or anything, but once it’s installed it’s like having admin rights to your computer… you may now proceed…


ShootMe (Screen Grabber)

I’m not sure WHY the screenshot function is locked down on non-rooted phones, but it is. With root, grab this app to capture screenshots in one easy shake.


OverclockWidget (Need Root)

One of the joys of root access is the ability to tweak how your phone uses its processor and battery life. This widget lets you amp up power and tone it down as you choose. Great for gamers and movie watchers!


Wireless Tether for Root Users

The Holy Grail of root apps (for me, anyway), this one turns your phone into a wireless hotspot. Any place you have a data connection you can harness that connection and tether up to 5 devices to your phone. It. Is. SWEET. But be sure to check your service plan before going crazy with this. Data used in tethering DOES count against data caps, so watch your usage and keep things legit with your service provider.


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