Offline Survival Manual

While outdoor trips are typically in isolated locations with little to no reception available, apps that rely on a cellular network to operate are rendered useless. Therefore, prior to leaving, it is highly recommended that Offline Survival Manual is downloaded onto the device to be used throughout the trip for off-the-grid usage. From skills such as learning how to build a fire, finding food, or securing a shelter, the app is perfect for the inexperienced without having to carry a physical field manual with them. Furthermore, as the app does have a significant amount of content, it is broken down accordingly to sections such as “Energy”, “Psychology”, “Shelter”, and many others. The content is supplemented with images to make the text easier to understand and demonstrate how certain tasks are carried out. As there is currently a wave of migration due to war and environmental changes, this app is able to potentially save lives for those who are in need of a survival guide, making it an absolute necessity for those who are going to be outdoors for a long period at a time.


ViewRanger Trails & Maps

Although there are maps available for vehicle navigation, few tools are made so that people can find trails and paths to walk on. For those looking for a map which is designed for off-road travelling, ViewRanger Trails & Maps is essential as it is the walking routes version of Google Maps which contains information that is relevant for those who are travelling on foot outdoors. For example, topography details allow users to see whether their path is uphill, downhill, or flat while the length of the trail helps in the preparation process as to gauge how long the trail will take to complete. As the app is one which is designed to be used in more remote locations, map data is preloaded and hence does not require an internet connection to function. One of the most captivating features of ViewRanger Trails & Maps is that in the event that a user gets lost, they can simply scan the peak of the landscape from the app to automatically return their location, effectively eliminating the time that it would take for users to locate their position on a map. With all of these features, the app is a must have for those who are planning on travelling a long distance while outdoors.


As the name of the app implies, Compass utilizes the hardware capabilities of the mobile device to accurately point its users to geographical North. Instead of bringing a dedicated compass, the app can be a suitable replacement given that it leverages magnetic and orientation sensor to accurately point out directions. As an easy-to-use tool with a simple interface, accuracy can be maximized if a user is connected the GPS, although it can still be used even if it is not connected. Calibration of the app with a GPS signal is highly recommended before going on the trip to ensure that users get the most precise reading on their compass by simply making a figure-8 motion with the device several times. Given the simplicity of the app coupled with the necessity of a compass, the app is regarded as an essential for navigation and orientation.

Star Tracker - Mobile Sky Map

One of the biggest benefits of being outdoors and away from the clutter of the city is the unobstructed view of the stars that are visible. Without the light pollution, millions of stars can be seen with the naked eye without the need for a telescope that would not be possible if one were in the city. For this reason, Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map is a perfect tool for the best stargazing experience. Through the app, users are able to identify star systems with their mobile device by simply pointing their camera at the night sky. By moving the camera around, users can discover new star constellations, moons, stars, and even deep space objects. Designed to be beautiful, the app is able to capture what the eye cannot and act as a reference point for identifying the structure of the solar system. For those who enjoy looking at the night sky, Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map is a perfect tool for identifying the star structures while outdoors.

Offline Weather Forecast

When planning to stay outdoors for a prolonged period of time, Offline Weather Forecast is perfect for keeping track of whether activity even while mobile. While the app functions offline, it utilizes data that was received when the device was last connected to a network whereas other weather apps may not display any information at all. By having the forecasted information readily available, users can plan their trip accordingly rather than experiencing unpredictable changes in weather. While Offline Weather Forecast offers tools which are designed for travelers instead of those who may be going on an outdoor trip such as dictionaries and currency converters, the ability to keep weather information is highly applicable to lengthy outdoor trips.

While many people leave their mobile devices at home when going on an outdoor trip, several mobile apps offer a tremendous amount of value in terms of navigation, planning, and survival. For those who are seeking portable tools that can be utilized even when not near an internet connection, the apps in this article act as a Swiss-army knife of resources while outdoors.