Apps for surviving extreme weather

Jul 9, 2012

I like to do a lot of things outdoors … from camping, to rock climbing and everything in between. Knowing what mother nature has in store for me is extremely important. I like these apps for giving me the weather info I need and how to survive extreme conditions.

The Weather Channel

Great, up to the minute weather updates right to your phone. I get extreme weather notifications so I really know what to expect. Terrific, basic weather app backed by experts.


Weather Underground

Really have high hopes for this app because I LOVE the internet version. It does lag though, but if they get the bugs worked out this app could be at the top of my list.


Marine Weather by AccuWeather

If you’re a sailor or a boater, this app is for you. The radar overlay is super useful. It also provides local tide charts and oceanic weather alerts. Great app!


Army Survival Guide

Who knows more about survival than the U.S. Army? This app is a must have if you are an extreme adventurer or outdoorsman. With everything from cold weather survival tips to getting by in the desert, this is one awesome app.


Extreme Weather Facts

No bells and whistles here, but chockfull of useful information on extreme weather. Mostly useful for information purposes, but not a whole lot else.


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