Robinhood – Free Stock Trading

As a revolutionary trading app which has disrupted the notions of traditional stock trades, Robinhood allows for free trading at no costs. This is in contrast to stock trades that typically take $10 per trade which can be a lot for smaller accounts. While the idea of cutting costs are a large factor for drawing clients in, the app is also beautifully designed and easy to navigate, even for those who have large portfolios of a dozen different stocks. With a clean interface that is minimalistic, the functions of Robinhood are made so that many traders, even if they are new to the space, are able to carry out their trades quickly with detailed information including stock-price data, fluctuations, market hours, and historical data. In terms of accessibility, users can also link the app to their smart watch to track the performance of their portfolio as well or customize the color of their interface for a more personalized experience. Known as one of the most popular trading apps, Robinhood is a must-have for avoiding the trading fees when investing in the stock market.

Yahoo Finance

Beyond trading, keeping up with relevant news pertaining to a certain stock or industry is extremely important in making various trading decisions such as buying or selling stocks. In terms of news aggregators that help with financial decisions, Yahoo Finance is one of the best sources for up-to-date information that is able to guide trades. Instead of receiving all the news, users are able to indicate which companies they are interested in to receive a more tailored news feed. Beyond a customized news source, stock charts, real-time data, and industries are also offered on Yahoo Finance as well as the ability to compare stocks by overlaying stock graphs together. Although trades cannot be conducted straight from the app, it is a perfect complimentary tool for investors in order to be notified of changes that have affected their portfolio in order to make better decisions.



Given that investing can be extremely complicated and risky to the average consumer, many people are deterred from engaging in the process altogether. To counter this and ultimately democratize the investment process, Wealthsimple makes it easy by using advanced algorithms to determine the perfect portfolio for investors automatically without the fees associated with a dedicated professional to give advice. With Wealthsimple, users simply log in into their account and select their risk tolerance from a scale of 1 – 10 as well as input some other basic information in the form of a questionnaire. With this information, the app automatically determines the right allocation and which portfolio to invest in while automatically reinvesting dividends. This automated process makes Wealthsimple one of the best tools that can be used for passive and diversified investing for those who lack the necessary knowledge. Beyond this, users get the first $5,000 free in managed assets so that they are able to try out the tool before putting more funds into the account. Stocks, Forex, Futures & News

Whether it is indices, stocks, or commodities, with the app, users can get real time streaming quotes for all financial assets. With this, it is extremely simple to get an overview of stocks of interest as well as a host of other details including technical overview, the latest news, and analysis. Users are also able to check their recently viewed items so that they can go back to the stocks that they were just looking at if needed. In order to customize the app to each user, the option to select the stocks that notifications are given for is also possible instead of receiving all financial information in an unfiltered fashion. One of the most captivating features of is located in the Calendar tab of the app which has alerts for upcoming news to keep investors in the loop. For example, relevant news that is to be released today, tomorrow, and throughout the week can be accessed so that users can prepare their trades, making it one of the best tools available for receiving highly valuable information quickly.

Seeking Alpha

As one of the more popular organizations associated with investing, Seeking Alpha is the leading crowd-sourced research community for financial information in terms of the stock market. The app provides its users with the news and market moving analysis on the stocks that a user has interest in. The value of the information that is provided is in the quantity and quality of contributors who are able to give their thoughts and opinions on the movement of different investment instruments. While there are multiple theories pertaining to how and why a stock price fluctuates, the app is perfect for those who believe that prices are influenced by the perception of investors as the analysis is the aggregate of peer analysis. Beyond this, Seeking Alpha sends real-time notifications on the latest information so that users are able to execute their trades as soon as the news becomes available. As a community-based analysis platform, the app is one which is great for gauging investor perception.

To democratize the process of investing and make it more accessible to those who may not have as much knowledge in the space, the apps listed in this article can be powerful for first-time traders as well as industry professionals. From news, executing trades, and even automated investing, the complete suite of tools that are required to build a well-diversified portfolio to start growing wealth can be found using these various apps.