Apps about sleep you may not have seen before

Aug 15, 2011

There are many out there so but here are some sleep apps that could be helpful

SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm

SleepBot logs shows you graphs and analyzes your sleep with resources and alarms. This available as a widget. You punch in out to start and stop your log. The graphs state your sleeping trends, average length, patterns, along with sleep and wake times. It also calculates your sleep debt and other sleep data. You can add, delete and edit entries, and back up your information too.


Relax and Sleep

Relax and sleep allows you to choose from a list of many ambient sounds that include thunder, stopwatch, white noise, ocean, sea, birds, rain, crickets, frogs, water, mechanical noises, nature and much more. You have the option of changing the track volumes and create your own unique relax melody as well. You can preset, turn on the count down counter, use the alarm clock with it and control the fading in and out.


Silent Sleep

This app has you set a start and end time with Silent Sleep and it will mute and unmute your phone in a timely manner.


Flip And Sleep

This flip and sleep app is plain and simple. You lay down back your phone to enter in silent mode and flip to front to stop silent mode.


Sleep Personality

Have you ever wondered what your sleeping position tells you about your personality? This app will tell you. Click on your preferred sleeping position to find your inner traits and what they mean.


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