Brainy the talking blonde secretary, who allows you to rename her to anything you please, is an attempt to roll several different apps that you frequently use into one. She’ll tell you various weather forecasts, read you the most popular Google News headlines, wake you up for that important appointment, or spend your hard earned money on slightly less robotic voices or new outfits. Yes, if you choose, you can dress your assistant up in some more… let’s call it “exposing” attire. Those optional features use the same in-app purchase system as Talking Spooni, but otherwise the app is totally free.

Voice Activated Commands

Should you so choose, you can endeavor to talk to your assistant, asking her various random questions or activating her different functions. It’s pretty impressive. At first, her responses seem very limited, but once you learn the necessary key words, everything goes more smoothly. The app’s voice recognition is very impressive either way, considering I mumble a lot and it always understood me. After all, this app is based on an award winning AI system, which even lets you teach her the answers to various questions alongside your various preferences. Smooth animations always accompany her responses, and while they don’t always sync up well, they’re very well done.

Plenty of Customization Options

It’s not just her functions that make Talking Blonde neat, but the way in which you can customize them. You can upload your own RSS feed into the app and have her show you a personalized news feed. You can connect to Facebook to upload your own event calendar, or share things she shows you with your Facebook friends. As she tells you random jokes, or brings you funny videos and images from the web, you can tell her whether you like them or not, and she even learns from you over time. She’s always being updated with new features and languages too! I’m still just scratching the surface here. She also has games to play, tells you your horoscope, takes notes for you, lets you watch some TV, and probably most importantly of all, shares cocktail recipes with you!

Other apps may perform well specializing in individual functions, but having them all in one place and made interactive via this digital Barbie doll is a surprisingly novel idea, and it can be a lot of fun to mess around with.

Download Talking Blonde from the Google Play store right now start enjoying your very own assistant.

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