In the niche realm of movies, for example, PopcornTrivia developed by CustomPlay gives a new experience to exploring movies beyond simply watching in the form of a game.

PopcornTrivia allows players to challenge their friends or host a personal game show making use of a range of movies across all genres.

Providing players with the opportunity to test their film knowledge, PopcornTrivia allows players to challenge their friends or host a personal game show making use of a range of movies across all genres. By being able to select from a large selection of movies, the challenge to answer questions and quizzes test the player’s film knowledge in a fun way. For example, given an image of a scene, players must be able to successfully identify what lines will are said. Given that the design and gameplay itself comprises of buttons, users are able to quickly pick up on how the game is played while kept engaged with through the use of images and scenes from movies.

In this competitive environment where players face each other to answer the questions correctly, promotions are gained for those who consistently perform well. For example, players start of as cleaning crew members and then rise to be to a powerful studio head once enough experience has been achieved in answering the questions.  With enough victories, points and bonuses can be accumulated to earn more lifelines which can be applied to more difficult questions later on as well. In keeping the app highly relevant and updated so that the questions are applicable to the movies that are currently playing, the game is able to significantly differentiate itself from competing trivia games on the basis of content.

With an increase in viewer participation at theatres through questions that can be answered on a mobile phone prior to the movie starting, the game allows players to bring this concept home instead of only having to play it in the theatre. However, the convenience of bringing the game home comes at the cost of memory space as it is large for those who have limited capacity on their device at roughly 172MB. Although large, the space is necessary in order to be kept updated on a regular basis compared to smaller trivia games which are generally more static and are not as up-to-date as PopcornTrivia.

For those who are interested in gaining and applying knowledge to their favorite films, PopcornTrivia combines the educative aspects of trivia with the realm of movies in order to create a game which is intuitive and easy to play. Adding more entertainment value than simply watching movies, applying trivial knowledge to favorite movies has never been more engaging which makes PopcornTrivia a must-have for movie lovers.

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