You never do survive, of course.

What at first seems a simple platformer manages to have some quite unique aspects; for some unknown reason, your character not only has the ability to double jump, but also spontaneously grow wings and fly a short distance, essentially giving you a triple jump.

This seemingly godly ability is fueled by small pellets that hang in the sky while you run. The gameplay essentially consists of timing your jumps to overcome various obstacles while, at the same time, still picking up enough odd pellets to power your flight. It seems that, no matter how hard you run, you’ll never actually outrun the storm for more than 10 seconds or so without using your wings. The fact that this is a limited resource makes the pace that much more intense.

The placement of these small, odd pellets makes you think that the level designer hates you. Sometimes the placements are put in just the right spot that, were you to jump and try to achieve it, would cause you to be impaled on spikes.

It almost seems like a test of your patience, or perhaps your virtue

One imagines that this game is some sort of deep, depressing metaphor about the emptiness of life; how one can never hope to achieve anything without some sort of special talent or gift that seems bestowed from the gods. Which, in this case, is batwings fuelled by little black pellets. Looking at it this way, Apocalypse Runner is greatly distressing.

However, if you think of it as just a game, it’s a pretty good one. Rotary saws and gigantic gaps interrupt the flow of the terrain, forcing you to adapt on the spot with your jump sequence and hope you don’t plummet to your death or, even more embarrassing, be smashed against the side of a wall and watch as your body slowly slips down into the void.

Apocalypse Runner is either a fun little platformer with a variety of small obstacles and a very fast pace, or it’s a university student’s philosophy thesis about the meaningless of life.

Either way, you’ll enjoy yourself long enough to hopefully avoid thinking about it.

[appbox googleplay com.AnionSoftware.ApocalypseRunner]