Taskos, was released a year ago and has garnered some 1.3 million users in the Market so far. Any.DO reports the app manages more than 200,000 tasks per day.

The creation of the new Any.DO app was born out of the success of Taskos, building off that app’s more simple approach to to-do lists. Any.DO’s founder, Omer Perchik, said in a press release from the company that much of the features that went into the new app were the result of user feedback on Taskos, combined with the company’s focus on a simple user experience.

Any.DO’s latest release has already garnered some 61 reviews in the Android Market, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Along with the backing of Innovation Endeavors (among other investment firms), the company seems as though it has quite a bit of good going for it. Any.DO has only been available for a day, and already seems as though it has made a big splash in the Android Market.

Taskos users are being invited to try the new free app, and while it’ll surely take a while to see if Any.DO is as successful as its predecessor, it seems the combination of a strong release and the backing of investors suggests the company could have a bright future ahead of it.